Home & Garden Awards 2024

30 | LUXlife Magazine ased in Notting Hill, Alessia Miro Interiors offers bespoke design services for residential properties around London, as well as staging, sourcing, and project coordination services. For Alessia Miro, a crucial part of the process is getting to know clients on a personal level to help them discover their distinct style and create their perfect home. AMI’s philosophy is centred on authenticity, the firm avoids imposing predefined styles on a client but rather enables them to find a style that feels authentic to their personality, interests, and lifestyle. When working with couples, it is important to find a balance to ensure that both parties are pleased with the outcome. Every project is different and Alessia strives to tap into clients’ motivations to create a beautiful and meaningful home. Although born and raised in London, Alessia Miro is originally from Belgium, Italy, and Lebanon. With her multicultural background, Alessia has a deep understanding of different cultures and styles which she incorporates into her designs. While living in New York, Alessia worked as a Junior Producer at a design agency and led several creative projects. She has previously worked on renovation and design projects across the US, Italy, and the UK and staged projects in the Cotswolds and London. Last year, AMI completed two full renovation projects in Holland Park and Queen’s Park. Both projects were full-gut operations and proved challenging in their own ways. Despite this, each client was driven to discover their unique style and Alessia embraced the challenge of working on these different projects simultaneously. Alessia has become renowned on Instagram for posting the progression of each project, to show clients the reality of home renovations, rather than just the finished outcome. AMI is working on five projects at present. Two are FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) projects with the first being a developer project in South Kensington and the second a full house in South Kensington for a young American couple. Another two projects are full renovations in Kensington and Highgate, and the fifth is a total gut renovation of a countryside house in the Cotswolds. The property is particularly unique as it has two schoolhouses connected in-between by the entrance and kitchen. As an interior design studio working primarily in the London area, Alessia Miro operates in one of the most dynamic sectors of the residential industry. Alessia Miro shares, “The area of Notting Hill, Kensington, and Chelsea is renowned for its elegant architecture, affluent residents, and sophisticated tastes, making it a hub for luxury interior design. One of the major developments shaping the sector is the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious design. Clients are increasingly Best Female Founded Interior Design Company 2024 - UK For clients seeking timeless interior designs, Alessia Miro Interiors offers bespoke services to help individuals realise their personal style. Spearheaded by experienced designer Alessia Miro, the award-winning design firm strives to build strong relationships with clients to help them create enduring and exciting interiors. As a vibrant, femalefounded company, Alessia Miro Interiors is well-positioned to set a new standard of excellence in interior design. seeking environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient solutions, and designs that minimise their carbon footprint.” “Another significant influence on the sector is the rise of technology and its impact on home automation and smart design solutions. From automated lighting and climate control systems to integrated entertainment and security systems, technology is transforming the way we experience and interact with our living spaces. As a leading interior design company, staying ahead of trends is essential for AMI to provide our clients with innovative and cutting-edge design solutions.” Additionally, the home and garden sector in London is inspired by global design trends and diverse cultures. From minimalist Scandinavian design to boho Moroccan décor, there is currently a growing demand for an eclectic style which harmoniously blends diverse influences to add depth and personality to any space. Moving forward, AMI has plans to broaden its geographical reach beyond London and will soon be commencing new projects outside of the city including in the scenic Cotswolds. The interior design studio will also be expanding within London and completing projects in new areas such as Highgate. AMI is excited to bring its signature blend of ageless elegance and modern luxury to Highgate and other charming suburban areas of London. Furthermore, the company will expand its portfolio with renovation projects that engage in different architectural styles and client preferences. In the dynamic landscape of interior design, AMI is passionate about discovering opportunities to improve and enhance its services. Looking to the future, Alessia Miro Interiors will remain steadfast in its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction as it continues to evolve to stay at the forefront of its industry. For its exceptional services, Alessia Miro Interiors has been honoured at this year’s Home and Garden Awards for Best Female Founded Interior Design Company – UK. Contact: Alessia Miro Company: Alessia Miro Interiors Web Address: https://www.alessiamiro.com/ B