Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 31 Most Innovative Home Lighting Manufacturer 2024 - USA Eco-friendly light fixtures. Chances are, you didn’t even know you could outfit your home with such a wonderful piece of sustainable décor. And, if you did, you most likely have a very strict view of what they look like – plain, structurally questionable, and unable to truly add anything to your treasured spaces. Varaluz, however, is here to dismantle these preconceptions once and for all. Boasting a range of aesthetically pleasing, eco-conscious light fixtures, Varaluz is an award-winning example of how to create handmade, awe-inspiring designs that benefit both homeowners and Mother Earth alike. Allow us to illuminate the possibilities presented by Varaluz’s innovative products. Promising to be the very opposite of what you may expect a traditional lighting company to be, Varaluz is an exceptionally skilled home lighting manufacturer whose eco-friendly light fixtures and home décor are certain to rejuvenate any space. Designed in-house by owner Ron Henderson, each item in Varaluz’s catalogue is forged by hand, guaranteeing not only quality, but a distinct individuality across each bespoke fixture. Varaluz has spent its lifespan closely following this formula, imbuing it with an immense passion for lighting and home design to develop an awe-inspiring selection that transcends the standard of ecofriendly light fixtures. It's this very nature upon which Varaluz prides itself – it enjoys creating products that have no industry match, allowing homeowners to install a truly unique light fixture. This comes as a direct byproduct of the collective’s commitment to hand-making each of its items, all while making full use of the vast array of eco-friendly materials available to it. Unlike its competitors, however, Varaluz doesn’t sacrifice beauty for planet-conscious production, and instead leverages its detailed understanding of what customers want to forge luxe lighting that’s bound to revitalise their rooms. With such a staggeringly stylish selection, Varaluz manages to make customers forget that their fixtures are even ‘eco’ at all, all while delivering on its promise of impeccable quality. Since its very first sale, Varaluz has received accolade after accolade, each illuminating the astounding level of craftsmanship invested into each and every product. From its popular Matrix family of fixtures, to its humbler home décor items, customers consistently praise the company for its commitment to both the quality of its catalogue and the planet as a whole. Varaluz was eager to share a snippet of one testimonial in particular with us – “I would just like to share my passion for this company. I was hooked the first time I walked into its showroom in Dallas. Creative Visual merchandising, purse giveaways, and Mexican Hospitality have made it a stand out at the Dallas Market Every Year. Ron Henderson has a twisted and comical self-deprecating sense of humour that shines through his product collection names, his market party themes, and the way he merchandises the showroom twice a year. It’s a treat to see what he will come up with next.” It's clear that, from its inception, Varaluz has remained on the path it initially set itself on, while carving out its own exciting twists and turns along the way. In doing so, it’s developed a product range that not only entices ecoconscious customers, but intrigues fans of the weird and wonderful. The result is an awardwinning collective that benefits from doing things just that little bit differently, allowing it to make its mark on the homes of those who trust its products to uplift their spaces. Varaluz stands as a pinnacle of environmentally conscious innovation in an industry that often times tends to overlook the ramifications of its ecological impact, and we simply can’t wait to see what delightful ideas Ron Henderson comes up with next. The future certainly is bright for Varaluz – pardon the pun – and we wholeheartedly hope that it continues to share its wonderous ways with us in the future. Contact Details Contact: Kellee Hammond Company: Varaluz Web Address: https://varaluz.com/