Home & Garden Awards 2024

4 | LUXlife Magazine few years ago, an incredible adventure began. An adventure that would seek to combine passion, creativity, and innovation to resolve the issues of sustainability overshadowing the homeware industry. With rising costs, world crises, and many more troubling factors playing a role in the reduction of quality across the wider market, it became increasingly clear that change needed to be made – and fast. Responding to these issues, Donum Store launched its now critically acclaimed online platform, through which families can seamlessly purchase sustainable products that are built to last. Be they furniture items, or chic décor, these products exemplify a much-needed shift – one pioneered by the minds behind Donum Store. Presenting a catalogue that includes home and garden decorations, bar and kitchen accessories, and even gourmet articles, Donum Store has gone the extra mile to ensure that sustainable furnishings are more accessible than ever before. Depending on a customer’s requirements, the brand is able to deliver right to their home, or even to an office space, should the need arise. In doing so, Donum Store has defined itself as Portugal’s definitive homeware brand, with its seamless blend of industry and technological prowess elevating its product selection to the next level. And yet, Donum Store manages to balance this brilliance with its commitment to sustainability, and is actively fighting to diminish the problems associated with climate change. Donum Store accomplishes this very goal, while also providing a platform for inspired minds to share their creativity with the world. From architects and engineers to decorators and end consumers, the brand focuses on finding the best solutions to meet their unique needs, as well as uplifting the young minds destined to empower the future with their brightness. In essence, Donum Store projects the imagination, creativity, and artisanal skills of young people across the world, all in the hopes that it can influence the creation of environmentally respectful – yet modern and innovative – home and garden collections. To see this process in motion, Donum Store has created its ‘Creative Lab’, allowing customers to gain an insight into the potential future of the market itself. Unsurprisingly, sustainability lies at the core of Donum Store, acting as an anchor within such an unsteady landscape. The world of online shopping is rapidly changing, with more and more companies seeking out cheaper methods of producing what their customers want. In doing so, they often end up unknowingly contributing to the decline of our environment’s health – a problem that Donum Store fundamentally Best Sustainable Homeware Brand 2024 - Portugal Throughout recent years, the world has been witnessing a drastic shift toward two specific areas – sustainability, and digitisation. People are looking to buy furniture for their homes that will last, while making the most of what technology has to offer. Promising customers access to an intuitive online website that stocks only the most reputable homeware brands, Donum Store is an eco-conscious collective whose commitment to sustainability has caused its popularity among customers to soar. Join us as we delve into why Donum Store is such a standout homeware brand, and how its products honour its desire to herald in a better future for the planet. A