Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 7 Whatever the scale of the project, be it a kitchen/bathroom remodel or an entire renovation from the ground up, everyone from the designers through to the installers are there to go above and beyond to make sure that the finished product is as high a calibre as it can possibly be. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling has become second nature to this company after more than twenty years in this space, and while it loves to help you turn your outdated kitchens and bathrooms into modernised spaces that better suit your changing style and needs, it has recently turned its attention to complex, sizeable projects that pose a welcome challenge. Angela tells us about one of the projects that this team are working on at present, this being the grand undertaking of developing half of a residential street in a neighbourhood nearby. Angela goes into the specifics of the project, telling us, “we recently finished one of the homes. It was a very distressed 1100 sq. ft. ranch that we converted to a custom 2500 sq. ft. ranch.” She continues, “the recently completed ranch turned out absolutely beautiful but did entail some challenges. The home had an addition added many years ago that was poorly done so we had to tear it down and rebuild it along with the other large addition we added.” Things did not end there, and after focusing on the building itself, this team then turned their attention to the backyard, which, Angela explains, was so tangled and overgrown that is was clear a retaining wall of some kind would be needed after the area was cleared. Acquiring a number of large boulders from a development nearby, an impressive 200-footwide rock wall was built, making an oasis that the family of this property can be incredibly proud of. To give the surrounding area a similar feel, the dilapidated trees were then taken out and replaced with new ones to give a sense of uniformity and prestige to this cul-de-sac. Despite the excellent progress made so far, this project is still very much a work in progress, with work set to commence shortly on the other properties of this half-street residential renovation and remodel. As Angela tells us, “the second home is also distressed, an 1100 sq. ft. property that we will convert to a 2800 sq. ft. ranch. The third lot had a home that was vacant for 25 plus years, we demolished that and will now build a new construction home on the lot.” What this ultimately shows is the steadfast dedication embodied by More for Less. No project is too big or too small for this group of property experts. As interest rates continue to rise across the U.S. and more people turn to updating their homes as opposed to packing up and moving, Chris, Angela, and everyone at More for Less are well aware that their services will be in high demand over the coming years. Even as the regulations change around them, this team remain abreast of any and all requirements to get things done well and above board, whatever area it is that they are working in. Finally, when asked what the future holds for the business, Angela quite simply answers, “we will continue to offer top of the line designs and home remodeling projects.” Whether you are seeking out a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, a room addition, or custom basement finishing services, More for Less Remodeling can give you everything you want, and more. If you are unsure about taking that first step, why not sign up for the free virtual quote that can be found using the website link below and see for yourself the tremendous work that goes on here in the heart of Missouri. Contact: Angela Courtwright Company: More for Less Remodeling Web Address: https://www.moreforlessstl.com/