Home & Garden Awards 2024

8 | LUXlife Magazine Most Innovative Room Design Company 2024 - France AI – the world’s latest step toward conquering the endless technological front. Used by many, but mastered by a select few, AI holds an abundance of capabilities that are specifically geared toward making our lives far easier. Standing as a prime example of an entity who has harnessed the potential of AI is AI Room Styles – a web service developed by Fractal Apps to create an all new framework for the world of interior design. Join us as we delve into how AI Room Styles has influenced the evolution of one of our most essential industries. Let us set the scene – your living area feels a little outdated, but taking the plunge into remodelling the entire room without prior planning could be a very expensive mistake, should things take a terrible turn. But planning isn’t as simple as it sounds. Without visualising how the end result is going to look, committing to purchasing all of the furniture, painting the walls, and redoing the flooring can simply be far too daunting. But what if there were a way to see what your space will look like before you even make a start on switching things up? Enter AI Room Styles – a web service that helps people gain enticing ideas on how to design their rooms. As a small team of two engineers, each sharing a mutual desire to leverage their scientific skills to make interior décor affordable to anybody with exceptional standards, AI Room Styles is a service that allows users to gather interior inspiration with a single click. In essence, they need only take a picture of their room, select ‘generate’, and watch as the AI tool identifies the structure of the room. Once complete, the application will render four modern interior inspirations to choose from, allowing users to not only select an idea that fits their style, but also visualise exactly how their room will look following completion. As such, users gain a peace of mind that may very well encourage them to take that next brave step. Though the competition may be steep, AI Room Styles has proven that it’s more than capable of ascending to the very top of the market. Not only is its application invaluable to homeowners wanting to renovate, but it’s one that’s constantly evolving and adapting to various forms of feedback, user requests, and interior design trends. In fact, focusing on customer requirements is AI Room Styles’ main priority – it understands that answering their needs as effectively as possible is the only way to remain at the forefront of the market, and has therefore dedicated itself to creating innovative opportunities that are designed to transcend any user’s imagination. And, as a result of AI’s boundless potential, it’s clear that the possibilities are limitless. Recognising this, AI Room Styles is in avid pursuit of further exploring the endless capabilities of artificial intelligence. What began as an application that marked a total shift in the interior design market is now evolving into something even greater – a waypoint for new innovative features that seek to create incredible services in room décor. Partnered with the brand’s plans to relocate to India before 2024 comes to an end, AI Room Styles has demonstrated a drive that’s more than deserving of the recognition it’s amassed. Interior design has always been viewed as something of a gamble, but we now have a means to eliminate all doubts and create the spaces we’ve always wanted. AI Room Styles marks a distinct shift in the way AI is being adapted. Where most may have only believed it possible to leverage this technology for the sake of analytical predictions, AI Room Styles extended its vision beyond anything its competitors had even attempted. In doing so, it’s created a steadfast solution for any hoping to bring new life to their old rooms, allowing for stylish makeovers that forgo any risks. We look forward to seeing how AI Room Styles develops even further as it explores the extended possibilities of AI. Email: [email protected] Company: Fractal-Apps Web Address: https://www.airoomstyles.com/ Nicolas Martin, Fractal-Apps CEO