Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 9 When it comes to decorating your home, the possibilities are virtually endless. While this can be a good thing, it can make decisions feel monumental and the pressure of making a costly or time-consuming mistake too much to bear. Enter Celeste Jackson of Celeste Jackson Interiors. Leveraging more than three decades of industry experience and a robust education in both psychology and interior design, this property expert helps homeowners in the north of Illinois and across the United States reflect their own style and personality in their homes. Interior Designer of the Year 2024 (Chicagoland): Celeste Jackson them. Even those certain they have no specific style to speak of can benefit greatly from these sessions, where Celeste will commence working towards the desired actionable results. Having decided on how to proceed with the next steps of a project, Celeste and her expert team will then set about tailoring their services to a client’s unique needs and requirements. As you might expect, there is no one-sizefits-all approach to interior design, and remaining ever humble, Celeste tells us, “there are so many talented designers in the Chicago area, and I’m proud to be one of them. Each of us has our own approach and niche. I don’t claim to be the best fit for everyone, but I do work very successfully building a strong relationship and cultivating individuality in my projects.” Celeste launched Virtual Design Packages in 2019 to extend her services to a broader range of clients. Quite often, these are young adults and couples just starting out who are overwhelmed by the choices. Some are the grown-up children of long-time clients. Diving deeper into the virtual interior design packages that she offers, these include picking Celeste’s knowledgeable brain to collaborating on the makeover of an entire room (or two!) With high-quality solutions like these, overhauling your home has never been so convenient. The flat rate packages are affordable & can be tailored to individual needs. As Celeste Jackson Interiors looks to the future, Celeste tells us that she remains committed to continuing to build her virtual design services and boosting her online sales through her website and Pinterest, bringing her unique blend of interior design magic to clients far and wide. pon starting her namesake interior design company back in 1997, Celeste Jackson already had five years of industry experience working for a prestigious local firm. Determined to put her own spin on things and work in a way beneficial to countless clients, Celeste’s track record of successful projects leads to happy homeowners of all ages, regardless of the size or shape of their spaces and the complexity of their interior design needs. As Celeste tells us, “I provide meaningful insight to function and style options and work to build relationships of trust with my clients that last from project to project and home to home for years to come.” An example of this proactive approach to managing client relationships is Susan K., who has worked with Celeste now for more than a decade. Commenting on their long-tenured relationship, Susan said of Celeste, “she has designed many of my rooms, from traditional to transitional to contemporary, as my tastes and wants have changed.” She continues, “Celeste is very creative and accommodating when challenges arise. I am so happy with the results she has created in my home.” Celeste appeals to a wide range of clients, and a more recent project that she completed just last year was the total transformation of a 10,000-square-foot property for a local young couple. Although the home was beautifully designed in a Italian Villa style we wanted a clean, modern feel. Celeste explains, “we transformed it from an Italian-style, old-world home to a modern Paris chateau. We covered the walls in a soft white palette and implemented modern and Art Deco décor, all while respecting Old World architecture.” We can see here exactly how Celeste’s background in psychology comes into play, particularly regarding how she takes the time to fully understand all of her clients ahead of delving into her proven process. This is also further on display through her request that they fill out a personal profile before the initial two hour appointment so that she has a better understanding of their needs and preferences prior to meeting U Contact: Celeste Jackson Company: Celeste Jackson Interiors Web Address: https://www.celestejacksoninteriors.com/