Home BuilderAwards 2023

22 BUILD Home Builder Awards 2023 Lastly, it offers portable buildings that are perfect for businesses looking for workspaces, whether it is for a hair salon, a site or sales office, or even toilets and shower units – they are multipurpose to fit any client’s needs. LG Contracting has a set of key values that it has followed since the very beginning – consistency, quality, and strong relationships. These company values have set the way forward to how the company has approached all projects since it began. It has built relationships with clients that go as far back as 20 years. This is the perfect reminder of the approach that has driven the business into success. “Trust is a key component and an essential ingredient to starting a project on sound foundation.” All relationships need to be built around trust and to ensure this, it approaches all projects as follows – it begins by understanding its clients’ needs and desires, which includes the preference in the style of the design. Then, it assists them in creating a construction document that are accurate to the project scope, which often includes timeline, budget, assigned tasks, project stakeholders, and workflow strategies. Next, LG Contracting requests a bid on scope of work, which is a detailed document that states the costs of materials and/or service. It is carried out by its network of subcontractors, and they will visit the location where the renovations are taking place to assess the existing conditions. This is done to ensure the closest accuracy possible of the bid as depending on the building’s initial condition, for the amount of work that will need to take place varies. Once the bid is complete, LG Contracting meets with its clients to review it in person. Its Owner, Larry Glover, says, “We pride ourselves with providing extensive breakdown of cost, which helps the client understand how the cost of their project is allocated, and also gives them an opportunity to remove or alter line items within the budget if there are budget constraints.” The services it offers alongside with how it approaches them, is what makes LG Contracting different from the rest. Now recognised in the Homebuilder Awards 2023, LG Contracting has been awarded Best Family-Owned Full-Service Construction Contractor – Dallas. We look forward to seeing this family operated company continue its work. hen it began in 1991, LG Contracting’s initial speciality was the installation of ceilings and internal partitions. The success that it experienced meant that in 1993 it was able to obtain its first base in Ballinderry, Lisburn. Throughout the years, the company has extended the products and services it offers and with the growth of the company, and its space needed to grow with it. It now works from a bigger office space that is located in Keller, Texas. LG Contracting’s list of services begins with the renovation of buildings and houses, as well as the construction of new developments. But it doesn’t end there, as it also offers industrial cleaning such as external cladding, walls, floors, ducts and vents, toilets, kitchens, and more. As well as suspended cleaning restoration which includes repairing, restoring or/and replacing damaged tiles. This makes its clients’ ceiling look new again without needing to replace the whole thing – meaning that, when possible, it is able to decrease the waste being sent into landfills, while also reducing its clients’ costs. When cleaning, it also uses eco-friendly products as they are better for the environment. This dedication to a costeffective and more sustainable service is the driving force behind LG Contracting. Where it can reduce the negative effect on our planet, it does so. For example, it found a solution to bring natural lighting into dark spaces in new or existing buildings and homes, called Solatube Daylight Systems. These are highly reflective tubes that are installed on the roof to direct light into the room bellow, they can transform just about any space – whilst also reducing the user’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. Another service that LG Contracting provides are fire stoppers. It consists of sealing the openings and between joints in the walls and/or floors of a building to delay the spread of a fire. It is an essential safety measure, so it is important that it is done correctly given that it can reduce the damage on the building and allow for the people in it to exist safely. In addition, it presents its clients with starter industrial units to rent for self-storage, there are three different sizes to choose from depending on the amount of stuff that clients are looking to fit into it. This works perfectly when its clients are renovating their home or any space and need somewhere to store their belongings. Best Family-Owned Full Service Construction Contractor - Dallas LG Contracting is a family owned and operated general contractor that was established in 1991. Its projects include but aren’t limited to – ground up commercial and residential construction, as well as large scale renovations. LG Contracting offers a wide range of products and services, so we take a closer look to find out more. W Jan23349