Home BuilderAwards 2023

Home Builder Awards 2023 BUILD 29 Jan23126 ince its inception in 2010, Keller Group has already amassed an impressive portfolio of absolutely spectacular homes that it’s been involved in designing and building. With an eye for detail that’s unmatched in the construction market, Keller Group has managed to convey its dedication to absolute luxury through its fabulous examples. And with an option to view both completed projects and projects that are in the works, you’ll be able to get an understanding of the sleek style that Keller Group employs when approaching your dream property. Of course, Keller Group doesn’t limit itself to the construction of just houses. If you have a plot of land, and are in need of inspiration on how to fill the space, Keller Group will happily work alongside you in order to look into every option available to you. So long as you have the planning permission available, that ideal annex could be yours. Thanks to director Andrew having a background in land acquisition across South London, and CEO Matt originating from an extensive career as a Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, you can be certain that you’ll be receiving advice from two experts who hold an incredible passion for their craft. Regardless of your needs, Keller Group will do its best to cater to them with a forward-thinking mindset. As a business, it recognises that all clients operate differently, and is willing to adapt to suit you. Its services are bespoke to its clients, so you’ll feel as though you’re receiving assistance from individuals who are truly willing to listen to what you have to say. Whether you’re needing a delayed timescale to find an alternative accommodation whilst your new property is being worked on, or a client willing to pay cash to complete a speedy transaction, Keller Group’s versatility is what’s led it to being the most trusted business in this field. Your inspiration is Keller Group’s inspiration, no matter what style of home you’re looking to have built. From modern builds to a more rustic home, Keller Group is always expanding its range to cover every frontier possible. It specialises in blending the old and new, and is able to construct a property that’s both beautifully classic on the outside, all whilst being fitted with a stunning, up-to-date interior that’ll dazzle anyone. This way, you can obtain the best of both worlds, and exit the process with a home that’ll wow any of your future guests. The results of your property are whatever you want them to be, and no homebuilding business can help you accomplish this end better than Keller Group. With an award-winning reputation, endorsed by an impressive compilation of luxury properties, Keller Group has cemented itself as a homebuilding business that you can truly depend on. No matter your needs, Keller Group will cater to you, all whilst making the process of constructing your new dream home as streamlined and pleasant as possible. So, if you’re looking to bring your imagination to life with a business you can trust, Keller Group will be eager to hear what your brilliant mind has to offer. Contact: Andrew Horsefield Company: Keller Group Web Address: http://kellerlondon.com/home.php S Some may believe that having a home custom-built to your exact expectations is an impossible venture. Surely, there’s no way to construct your dream home from just your imagination alone, is there? Well, the fantastic minds behind Keller Group disagree. The team believes that you deserve to have your envisioned house made into a reality. And with a fantastic group of professional individuals behind the entire process, you’ll be sure to see results that will make you feel as though you’re living your dream. But it isn’t a dream – Keller Group revolves itself around bringing your ideas to life. Most Trusted Luxury Home Builder 2023 – Surrey & BUILD Client Service Excellence Award 2023 Keller Group