Home BuilderAwards 2023

Home Builder Awards 2023 BUILD 37 Jan23856 With an expertise in European White Oak, Simply Oak™ has managed to establish itself as a professional service that’s both thoughtful and masterful in its field. The team’s expertise lends itself to its incredible projects, making them the go-to business for all of your oak floor needs. Regardless of the size of your project Simply Oak™ will work tirelessly to grant you the best quality possible, in both its services and materials. The team understands European White Oak better than any other business on the market, and knows how to properly adapt this unique material to any need. As a result of Simply Oak™’s mastery of European White Oak, it offers a myriad of different finishes, styles and applications to truly meet any of your desires. Though this may seem overwhelming to anyone unsure of exactly how they wish for their flooring to be placed, thankfully, Simply Oak™ has an extensive array of examples available to serve as inspiration for your own property. Once you have a plan in mind, Simply Oak™ will deliver only the best service through its excellent client interaction, and you can ensure that your project will be completely personal to you. So, whether you’re wanting to fit a home or commercial lot, Simply Oak™ will be more than willing to assist, all whilst applying the same, client-based approach, regardless of the size of your project. The team aim to get to know each and every client on a deeper level, believing that this can allow for better productivity and a clearer understanding of how to cater to your exact needs. Simply Oak™ will strive to work with you, as opposed to just for you, and this mindset is what’s propelled it towards its immense success. Simply Oak™ recognises the emotional weight behind every floor-fitting decision, and acts on this knowledge accordingly. It has a deep passion for its clients’ satisfaction, which, in turn, allows them to produce flooring results that are both flawless and fitted to your design. Whatever you choose, the team will devote themselves to ensuring that it’s accomplished to the highest degree of quality, and will never accept an outcome that isn’t perfect for you. Additionally, Simply Oak™ manages to achieve all of these goals, all whilst maintaining a sustainable work practise that is beneficial to the environment. Simply Oak™ is incredibly strict in its selection process, enabling it to utilise timbers that are sourced from sustainable forestry projects. Every moment within Simply Oak™’s production process is managed with the utmost care. From harvesting the timbers, to the drying kilns that it operates, the team are meticulously trained in order to provide the best outcome possible. As a result, not only will you receive a service that outshines other flooring companies, but you will be contributing to a sustainable business whilst doing so. No matter your needs, Simply Oak™will provide a fabulous finish that your feet will thank you for. Contact: Victoria Player Company: Simply Oak™ Web Address: https://simplyoakusa.com/ W When outfitting your property with wooden flooring, nothing is more imperative than ensuring that every piece you lay down is of the utmost quality. If you’re wanting a flawless finish that both looks and feels incredible, you need to pursue the best of the best. Your surroundings are your expression of self, and everyone should strive for an unmatched quality in their flooring. It’s what sees you through your life, and is the most present factor of any room, so it should be installed in a way that’s stress-free and precise. Best Luxury Home Oak Flooring Company 2023 - USA