Home BuilderAwards 2023

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2023 6 ductless mini split system in a bridal dressing room. This was a challenge for the team as they were conscious of the fact that the system could affect the aesthetic of the antique building and they didn’t want to jeopardize its beauty. Therefore, they had to get creative to find a solution that would camouflage it as much as possible. They managed to hide the lines so well that the unit is seamless. Along with that, they installed a very quiet unit so you would not even know its there! This truly reflects the team’s willingness to provide its customers with an excellent service. “Customers are at ease in knowing that we specialize in installations. They know we have the experience and expertise to deliver best heating and cooling solution for their home and unique needs.” A customer shared their personal experience with VigilAir, saying, “Robert and his crew from VigilAir are extremely professional. They provided quality service in a timely manner. They went out of their way to get the job done and even helped us with the city permits needed for the work. They continued to check on us to make sure everything was working properly and worked around our schedule. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for air conditioning and heating installation or repairs.” VigilAir keeps up with the changes in the industry to improve and develop its expertise. California is continuously pushing for the highest efficiency products, and VigilAir responds by studying the codes, protocols, rules, and regulations in order to adapt to the changes. The learning doesn’t stop there as the team continues with training which allows them to expand their knowledge as well as educate its customers. Susy enthuses, “We take pride in maintaining a small, family driven business to closely cater to our customers and continue to deliver outstanding, fair service.” It is a breath of fresh air when you come across a provider that you can trust, and the Homebuilder Awards 2023 has recognized VigilAir as such, now holding the title for Most Trusted Family-Owned Heating & Cooling Installation Specialists – California. We look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for VigilAir Heating and Cooling. Given that, in April, it is due to open igilAir specializes in installing residential heating and cooling systems that are known for their long-lasting quality. It has been selected to be a Carrier dealer by the Southern California Carrier distributor, which is the most prestigious heating and cooling brand in the industry, also named the best HVAC company by U.S News and World reports. Susy says, “Partnering with Carrier is a huge accomplishment, and we are so proud and happy that 100% of our installations include Carrier equipment. With our expertise and installing Carriers products we expect our installs to last 20-30 years, problem free.” The team is available to help customers with finding alternatives to cut the cost of their heating and cooling utilities bills. VigilAir offers a full range of energy efficient HVAC services such as mini-split ductless, central heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, ductwork, automatic zoning systems, and a wide selection of fans and air purifiers. VigilAir offers customers a premium experience at a fair price. The company approaches each client one at a time, ensuring that each installation is delivered and monitored closely to protect the quality of its services. In addition, Robert Vigil has a great deal of experience in the industry, which is the foundation for the company’s success. He works closely with each project and is present on every job site, to guarantee that the work that customers are provided with, is always of the highest quality. “Often we are recognized for our efficiency, quality, and fair rates.” VigilAir has a strong reputation online, however its great delivery of its services means that most of its new clients are referrals. Customer satisfaction is of top priority for the team and they ensure that clients are met with a positive and friendly attitude. Susy Vigil shares, “We meet every client to assess their needs. We study their lifestyle and needs, inspect the home, and present to them the best solution. Then, we tweak and adjust the plan and schedule to install.” Throughout the process, all concerns are dealt with and any questions are answered, so each client is kept informed on what is happening. Recently, an antique railroad museum hired VigilAir to install a VigilAir Heating and Cooling is a family-run business that was stablished in 2005 by Robert and Susy Vigil. It provides high quality HVAC services at economical rates for all its clients in Southern California. VigilAir specializes in residential and light commercial heating and cooling installations. V Jan23226 Most Trusted Family-Owned Heating & Cooling Installation Specialists - California