LUX Hospitality Awards 2016 18 LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 Most Appetising Italian Bistro - Edinburgh Therefore in order to meet this need we are undertaking a full refurbishment later this year, when we will be scaling down the menu in order to focus on quality: we are keen to serve exclusively fresh, homemade pasta, as well as offering a variety of delicious specials and a selection of the finest prosecco. By offering a lower quantity of dishes we will be able to put a real focus on quality and ensure that we change the menu regularly, allowing guests to experience new and unique Italian flavours each time they visit. Frizzante is a traditional Italian restaurant based in the heart of the Scottish capital, serving traditional Italian cuisine to a variety of guests, including theatregoers, business people and tourists. The restaurant is a particular favourite of visiting Italians, who appreciate the authentic, homely atmosphere and delicious food. As a small premises we focus on the food and the service, making sure every guest has an experience they will always remember. As soon as they walk through the door diners are greeted by the smell of fresh food, whether it be luscious homemade pasta or the mouth-watering sauces we serve to accompany it. Most Appetising Italian Bistro - Edinburgh Italian cooking runs in our family, and my father has over 30 years’ experience in the industry, for which he has received a knighthood. As such I am honoured to be continuing the family tradition, and have myself obtained a great deal of experience in the trade. Frizzante is my second business, and I am lucky enough to have a great team of staff supporting me, which has really helped to make the restaurant the success it is today. In recent year’s guests expectations have risen, as they look for Italian restaurants which offer both traditional service and quality, but also innovative, exciting new options for them to indulge in. The challenge therefore is to retain our high standards whilst also providing something a little bit different so that guests feel they are getting a new experience every time. Frizzante is a family run Italian restaurant based in Edinburgh. Owner Jonathan Chierchia outlines how the establishment’s inviting, friendly atmosphere and fresh, vibrant food is the key to its success. HOS160005 Company: Frizzante Address: 95 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9AW Phone: 0131 229 7788 Website: