LUX Hospitality Awards 2016 20 LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 Best Swiss Hospitality School 2016 & Recognised Leader in Career Guidance & Support - Switzerland increasing ease of access and efficiency for students while also reducing wastage and benefiting the environment by cutting down on paper materials. In terms of student experience, we interact and share content with our students and followers through a range of social media and are constantly seeking to expand the diversity of content available here.” “Additionally, in the last two years we have undergone a complete campus room refurbishment project, upgraded the Wi-Fi coverage across campus and grown and enhanced the range and scope of excursions and activities we offer to our students. All this means that, as well as receiving a top-class education, IMI graduates can also be assured of memories and experiences that will stay with them for life. As a final comment, Greta outlines her pride as the school reaches a milestone anniversary, and looks forward to producing many more successful graduates in the years to come. “This year is our 25th birthday and we are very proud of having provided our students with excellence in hospitality education for the last quarter-century. To celebrate this milestone, we will be holding a special alumni reunion this September where we are looking forward to welcoming former students from around the world back to IMI. “The anniversary event will be in appreciation of our achievements to date, but we are conscious never to become complacent and will continue to focus on how to bring the standard of service we offer and the student experience at IMI to an even higher level over the forthcoming years.” IMI is on a mission to nurture students from all over the world to become accomplished and successful hospitality and business executives within this growing global market. Greta outlines the school’s services and how it offers a personalised atmosphere to all visitors. “At IMI we welcome students from all around the globe to our picturesque campus in Luzern, right in the heart of Switzerland. With around 40 different nationalities on campus at any one time, we work hard to ensure that all our students feel at home here as quickly as possible. “Being one of the smaller Swiss hospitality schools enables us to offer a much more personal service to our students. We know all our students by name and the open-door policy employed by lecturers and support staff on campus means students always have someone to speak to should any worries or queries arise. “Added to this, from the very first week (where we organise a special induction welcome) onwards there are regular activities and events taking place on campus which allow students to work together, socialise and get a better understanding of each other’s cultures and backgrounds – this, for us, is just as important as the teaching that takes place in the classroom. “Our programmes are validated by leading UK universities and our personalised Careers and Internships service offers our students the best paid internship placements during their studies, which increase their opportunities on graduation. We have deliberately remained small, with around 180 students per semester. This way our students can Best Swiss Hospitality School 2016 & Recognised Leader in Career Guidance & Support - Switzerland be assured of a highly personalised and individual approach to their learning.” The hospitality industry is changing, and, as Greta points out, this is having an effect on the skills which IMI’s students need to acquire. As the former Head of Internships, Careers and Alumni at IMI, Greta states that at IMI, we provide high quality academic programmes, as well as focusing on the development of the student personally and professionally. In fact, IMI is proud to have been the first hotel school in Switzerland to embed Personal and Professional Development as a specific unit in the academic curriculum, which from our experience, the industry greatly appreciates, resulting in more employable graduates. We are proud that this leads to a greater number and range of placement and job opportunities for our students upon graduation. “One of the interesting trends within the hospitality education sector is how graduates from this field are entering increasingly diverse market sectors. A hospitality degree in no way limits you to only working in a hotel. We are seeing our graduates enter other fields including finance, technology, tourism and events among many others. “Alongside this, younger generations are clearly becoming more and more tech-savvy; as a company working predominantly with young adults, it is important that we keep up with the rapid changes and utilise new technology to improve the services we offer. “At IMI, we are moving more and more of our course material and content online through a dedicated student web-portal. This has the dual benefit of IMI International Management Institute in Switzerland is a unique, private, hospitality school founded in 1991. We invited Greta Musu, Director of International Business Development, to talk us through some of the school’s strengths and how it strives to ensure its pupils achieve excellence in everything they do. HO160058 Company: IMI International Management Institute Switzerland Email: [email protected] Web: Address: Seeacherweg 1, Kastanienbaum-6047, Luzern, Switzerland Phone: +41 41 349 64 00