LUX Hospitality Awards 2016

LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 23 Best Hospitality Communications Company - UK To overcome this we have just launched a social media division which is very exciting and will provide us with great options for expansion moving forward. The department sends a monthly newsletter to all our clients, updating them on the latest news, and we are looking into utilising new platforms and technologies in the future. In addition, the firm is celebrating its fifth birthday this year, and we intend to through a large party to congratulate ourselves on our success, which we hope to build upon in the coming years. Here at KK Communications, our proven creativity combined with our commitment to increasing revenue for all the brands that we represent, ensures that our clients connect directly with their desired audiences. Whether household names or emerging talents, we create tailored campaigns for every brand we work with, which encompass the entire media spectrum, including print, digital and social media. In order to ensure clients receive the best possible coverage, we always try to predict what our clients want or need even before they know it themselves. We ensure that all press coverage is sent to them as soon as it comes out. Best Hospitality Communications Company - UK What really differentiates our firm from our competitors is that, instead of just publicising what they give us to, we love brainstorming interesting, creative ideas that will generate them ongoing publicity and, ultimately, increased revenue. The restaurant and bar scene has never been so interesting and vibrant at the moment, and we are keen to capitalise on this and help our clients to achieve success. A key focus currently is on provenance of food and healthier options. The challenge is that people are constantly looking for the new trend, which can be a little faddish and also, we now communicate all these trends via many different medias, so keeping up with developing social media is obviously also a huge challenge. KK Communications are a leading, independent public relations agency specialising in lifestyle and hospitality. Katrina Kutchinsky talks us through the company and the strategies it employs to achieve success. HOS160004 Company: KK Communications Name: Katrina Kutchinsky Email: [email protected] Web: Address: Blackburn House, Blackburn Road, London NW6 1RZ Phone: 0207 625 0935 Mac & Wild Restaurant, London