LUX Hospitality Awards 2016

LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 29 Best Fine Dining Restaurant – Bath & LUX Culinary Arts Award 2016 - Bath are concentrating on our skills and chefs, our wine selections and the level of our service. We are always on the lookout for new ways to serve, new wineries and the best ingredients available. At the same time, Chef Gordon Jones has several new food business ambitions he will look to launch in the future, but at this time, we are solely focusing on Menu Gordon Jones and becoming the best that we can be. In four years we have gone from a small restaurant in Bath to one of the Top 100 in the UK. Menu Gordon Jones offers a unique approach to fine dining, surprising our guests with innovative tasting menu. This gives our customers a gastronomic insight to chef Gordon Jones’ personality. The food that we serve is fresh and seasonal and Chef also likes to use ingredients that some might shy away from, because the preparation and cooking of them is becoming a lost art, such as cooking Veal Heart, or because they are little known to the UK market, such as Goose neck barnacles. Our guests range across all walks of life, nationality and food interest. One of our main focuses is to make sure that we are accessible, as we want to be a fine dining restaurant without pretention. Whether you can come having dined in some of the best restaurants in the world, or on your first date having never been to a fine dining restaurant in your life, everyone should be able to enjoy the experience at Menu Gordon Jones. Service is as an important aspect to Menu Gordon Jones’ success as the food is. We offer a relaxed environment so that the guests who are with us for two to three hours feel like they can sit and enjoy themselves for as long as they like without being rushed; we do not turn tables. Our team prides itself Best Fine Dining Restaurant – Bath & LUX Culinary Arts Award 2016 - Bath on what we call “reading the guest”- being able to see what our guests want before they ask us. As firm believers in continuous improvement and learning we have an invigorating future ahead of us. Despite the multitude of accolades that we have won to date, we are not looking to rest on the current excellent reputation we have, but believe that there is always more we can achieve, which is a philosophy we pass over to our team. Currently we Menu Gordon Jones is a fine dining restaurant in Bath offering a unique culinary experience. Armi Jones talks us through the firm’s dedication to visitor satisfaction. HO160031 Company: Menu Gordon Jones Email: info@ Web Address: www. Address: 2 Wellsway, Bath BA2 3AQ Telephone: 01225 480871