LUX Hospitality Awards 2016 42 LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 Best for Health & Fitness Hospitality Solutions In this landscape, technology will begin to play an increasingly strategic role and this is why Technogym developed the first cloud computing technology in the field. The MyWellness Cloud, Technogym’s latest innovation, is a complete virtual ecosystem made of equipment, devices, mobile and web apps that allow users to always be connected and have the contents and information about their wellness program available anytime, anywhere. This will ensure that the firm continues to meet the needs of modern gym users in the ever evolving market. Technogym is the only company able to provide a total wellness solution made of not only equipment but also apps, devices and contents, interior design services, training and education programmes, marketing support for the clients, a strong after sales service. Research and innovation have always represented the key values behind the development of products and services for the firm, and Technogym always focuses on the needs of the end-user. Every single detail is important in offering the best experience, which is why the firm has a team of more than 200 people made of industrial designers, engineers, physiotherapists and doctors that work every day in creating the wellness product of the future. Through this approach Technogym have become the world’s leading company in the development of Best for Health & Fitness Hospitality Solutions wellness solutions for fitness clubs, private homes, luxury hotels and spas, sport facilities, medical centres and companies. The firm’s vast service offering includes a wide range of different product lines and services that makes possible to offer a tailor made solution for each client. Around 35 million people train with Technogym every day. Currently within the health and fitness sector there is an ever-increasing understanding about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity. Therefore looking ahead, people will be placing an increasing importance on training and will be doing so at home, in the office, outdoors and on holiday. The gym will become a sort of hub where people can go to get qualified fitness consultancy on their workouts and to be guided on their physical activity and training inside and outside the gym. Technogym is dedicated to promoting wellness in every aspect of its service offering. We profile the firm and explore its unique product and service offering. HO160055 Company: Technogym Email: informazioni@ Web: Address: TECHNOGYM S.p.A, Via Calcinaro, 2861, 47521 Cesena (FC), Italy Phone: For UK: 0800 316 2496 ; International: 800 70 70 70