LUX Hospitality Awards 2016

LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 43 Most Trusted International Travel Agency - Los Angeles TravelStore excels in providing personalized service, added value and excellent customer experiences to our clients, both corporate and leisure. Our company vision is: “We aspire to be the most sought after Travel Management Company, one traveler at a time.” Being an employee-owned company, each employee is invested in the success of our company; each is motivated to do their best for every client. We also understand “it takes a village” to provide superior service to our clients, so we operate as a team and support each other. Our business very much relies upon our professional relationships -- what we do for each other internally and what our preferred supplier partners do for us and our clients. We invest in building strong relationships with our preferred supplier partners and focus our business with them so that our clients receive the best service possible. In spite of world issues, TravelStore’s business continues to grow each year and we are optimistic about our future. We know that travel agencies will always have a positive role to fill if we continue to focus on building relationships with clients, provide excellent customer experiences and are able to keep up with technological changes. Today’s and tomorrow’s travellers are largely time starved and on information overload, making them unsure as to which sources are trustworthy. By saving our clients time, consulting with them to help them understand their choices coupled with our personal connections, leverage, buying power and added amenities, we are able to provide them with terrific value and in that way secure our future growth. Overall we are particularly proud of receiving an award from LUX Hospitality that names us as “Most Trusted International Travel Agency - Los Angeles,” because trust is a most important and relevant ingredient in our success. Most Trusted International Travel Agency - Los Angeles Founded in 1975, TravelStore is an award winning, employee- owned retail travel agency based in California, with eight branch locations as well as corporate on-site locations, focusing on leisure and corporate travel. CEO Wido Schaefer talks us through the firm and the value it adds to its services. HO160017 Company: TravelStore CEO: Wido Schaefer, CTC CFO/EVP: Osvaldo Ramos COO: Brian Crawford SVP, Leisure & Marketing: Dan Ilves, CTC, MCC SVP, Corporate Sales: Jim Wright Email: [email protected] Web: Multiple California Locations Telephone: 310-575-5540