LUX Hospitality Awards 2016

LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 45 Best New Bar & Restaurant 2016 – Sheffield & LUX Customer Service Award - Sheffield Trippets is a family run bar, offering an inviting and relaxed atmosphere which caters for a wide variety of visitors. Predominantly our clientele are in their 40s and over, but recently we have seen an increasing number of younger guests visiting the bar, enjoying our informal dining approach, which involves serving smaller plates of delicious food, providing a less regimented and more sociable experience. Combined with the resurging popularity of our signature spirit, gin, it is no wonder young people are choosing to visit us for dancing instead of clubs. Gin is integrated throughout the Trippets expereince, and we pair many of dishes with our spirits. For example, we stock a local Sheffield gin, two of its botanicals are juniper and pink grapefruit so we offer shots of this gin with a salmon dish cured with those flavours. Live bands play on Friday and Saturday nights, offering the full spectrum of jazz music, from lounge to funk. We have a resident troupe who play on Friday nights, consisting of a renowned local keyboard player and a variety of his musically Best New Bar & Restaurant 2016 – Sheffield & LUX Customer Service Award - Sheffield talented friends, who often join unannounced, making each night a truly special event. The bar is an exciting new departure for my family, as myself and my husband are former publicans and ran a two gold starred establishment in Derbyshire for 15 years, before deciding to take on the bar as a new challenge. We are joined by our daughter, who manages the front of house staff, as well as a number of talented employees with strong backgrounds in hospitality, and we all work hard to ensure every guest feels invited and has a great time. Trippets has been open for less than a year, but so far the bar has been a success and moving forward we are keen to expand on our achievements and continue to innovate, providing clients with new opportunities to experience and enjoy. For example we are keen to expand on the gin tuition we offer to clients, providing new tasting sessions so that they can learn about the tipples we offer. These sessions often have an inventive twist to them, such as our upcoming session where we will be pairing wine from local suppliers with gluten free dishes, offering a new clientele the chance to enjoy the delicious flavour combinations. Trippets Lounge Bar is an independent bar and restaurant situated in Sheffield city centre, offering a unique combination of sumptuous food, quality gins and scintillating live jazz bands. We invited Debbie Shaw to talk us through the unique approach and informal atmosphere that make this establishment truly special. HO160007 Company: Trippets Lounge Bar Address: 89 Trippet Ln, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 4EL Phone: 0114 276 2930 Email: [email protected] Website: