LUX Hospitality Awards 2018 Page 21 LUX 2018 Hospitality Awards Since 1988 TravelWorks has been dedicated to the development of innovative travel software. Today, the firm is the official reseller of the Canadian SIREV booking engine and develop and sell its unique TravelWorks back office solution, a global management solution tailored for the travel industry. Supporting clients around the world, the firm works with travel agencies of all shapes and sizes, from large chains through to small boutique operations. What links them is the exceptional service and support they receive when they work with TravelWorks. Allowing clients to manage a range of tasks, including invoicing, accounting and CRM solutions, TravelWorks’ back office system TravelWorks is an accounting and management software for travel agencies developed by Travelworks. Having recently recognised the solution in our prestigious Hospitality Awards for 2018, we felt it was about time we profiled it to share an insight into how it offers travel agencies the chance to streamline their back office operations. TravelWorks Best Travel Accounting & Management Software Provider - North America is a cloud solution dedicated to the travel industry and accessible through a simple browser and an internet connexion. With no installation required and limited maintenance, it is a user-friendly solution that meets the needs the firm’s myriad of clients. To ensure that the system continues to meet its clients’ ever-evolving needs, TravelWorks is committed to listening to its customers and being responsive to the feedback they receive. The solution can also be tailored to meet the needs of an individual client if required, which is particularly useful for clients with multiple branches who require bespoke solutions. The firm’s experienced team analyse and evaluate the clients’ needs and can then custom develop upon request. This focus on innovation will remain central for TravelWorks as it looks towards a bright future. Currently, the firm is developing a multi-language tool allowing it to quickly offer a new TravelWorks version in any foreign language. As the team receive a lot of requests from companies interested in reselling its back office solution on their areas, TravelWorks is aiming to be flexible and ready for that kind of new international expansion, which will offer the team many exciting opportunities which they are eager to take advantage of over the coming years. Company: TravelWorks Contact: Lionel Lebreton Address: 368 Notre-Dame West, 4th floor, Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 1T9, Canada Phone: 001 514 282 4556 ext 235 Website: