LUX Hospitality Awards 2018

Page 22 LUX 2018 Hospitality Awards designed for comfortable accommodation of 2-4 people, with 1 forest suite. Two-storey building, which is one of the first within the complex’s territory. Whatever accommodation they choose, every guest has access to an array of amenities, including a spa and on-site restaurant. At the eatery, contemporary design and soft lighting create a cosy relaxation environment. It is possible to enjoy delicious food not only inside the restaurant, but also at the two outdoor terraces, one of which is located directly on the lake. The restaurant actively develops the business direction in terms of organizing and holding business lunches and celebrations. The pride of Verholy Relax Park is its 11 horses: five sports-beginners, four rolling, two sports and one pony. There are numerous prize-winners of all-Ukrainian and international competitions in show-jumping, triathlon and dressage horses on stand, ensuring that guests who wish to do so are able to enjoy a unique horse riding experience. Ultimately, Verholy Relax Park aims to offer every guest the opportunity to relax and unwind, stimulating all their senses and offering them an innovative array of enjoyments. Company: Verholy Relax Park Contact: Yurii Loza Address: Sosnova St, 1, Poltavs'ka oblast, Sosnivka, 38701, Ukraine Phone: 0038 0532 64 88 88 Website: Country complex Verholy Relax Park is located in a picturesque pinewood. It can be quickly and easy reached from cities such as Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Kyiv, and, of course Poltava, making this the perfect location for a relaxing break exploring some of the sights from across Ukraine. The park boasts 28 individual premium cottages are with a separate terrace on each cottage, so that guests can enjoy a beautiful outdoor breakfast having a glass of wine in the afternoon. Premium cottages have their own special pool in the middle of the forest. There are also four chalets for those who seeks solitude. Each of them has a unique design, including a private area, swimming pool, parking, spacious bedrooms and a unique living space. Additionally, there are three hotel buildings for 61 rooms of categories from “Standard” to “Verholy Duplex” and 27 premium cottages, Verholy Relax Park is an idyllic country retreat in the heart of the Ukrainian countryside. Having recently recognised the park in our Hospitality Awards for 2018, we decided to profile it and share an insight into how it welcomes every guest with open arms. Verholy Relax Park Best Country Hotel & Restaurant - East Europe Verholy Relax Park © Verholy Relax Park © Verholy Relax Park ©