Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 107 Experiencing the region’s food in the most authentic way possible, Yummy Italy offer food and wine experiences to people coming from all over the world. Clients are often food and wine travellers, and the experiences offer them an in-depth immersion into the production of locally-sourced, artisanal food up close whilst being able to create a dialogue with the producers. These tours are often hosted in a winemakers home, or a farm where cheese is being made, offering a rare glimpse into often unseen processes. Artisan pasta classes are another experience that the firm offer, giving clients fully hands-on ways to get up close and personal with pasta-making processes. No machines are used. Instead, clients can learn pasta-making skills for life with the aid of a true pasta artisan and using organic, local ingredients. Food and tourism is a highly competitive industry, and the team at Yummy Italy know this. With vast numbers of tours to choose from, more experiences are attempting to stand out by calling themselves “artisanal” , without truly allowing guests to see any of the art that goes into producing such tasty food. The company do their best to promote the true meaning of food artisan craftsmanship and teach clients how food is made, striving to share the process with clients. Despite the world’s increasing shift towards technology and digitalisation, Yummy Italy’s philosophy embraces the exact opposite. The firm believes that the less technology used during an experience, the better. What they offer instead is the chance to return to Italy’s roots, embracing all that is artisanal, organic, and handcrafted. Ultimately, client satisfaction is key to Yummy Italy providing truly matchless experiences in sampling some of the country’s, and the world’s, finest cuisine. Offering clients once-in-a-lifetime culinary journeys, this firm are showcasing the very best of the Emilia- Romagna region, and Italy as a whole. Company: Yummy Italy Contact: Helena Kyriakides Website: