Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 109 Andando Tours: Leading Experts in Galapagos Tourism Services 2019 Offering unique, high-end experiences across the Galapagos Islands, Andando was founded with the mission of providing travel experiences that truly tap into the passion that travellers have for the region. Having tried, tested and visited every corner of Ecuador and the Galapagos, the company offer knowledgeable and insightful tours of the islands, full of unrivalled experiences that feel once-in-a-lifetime, every time. More than just another tourist operation, Andando specialises in creating tailor- made experiences that aim to offer radically different and unique journeys to other tourism companies. Taking their passengers well off the beaten track, experiences can open eyes to the unseen wonders of the islands, charming properties bursting with history and character, and offer wonderfully unique activities, all whilst giving the best advice about the destination. Perfect for the discerning traveller, Andando’s experiences are the ultimate choice for those looking for a new experience. Not just visiting a country or an island, but truly being immersed and The world is home to some truly awe-inspiring places, teeming with life and beauty in every crack and crevice. The Galapagos Islands are just one of those places, and Andando Tours strive to open people’s eyes to the wonders of the archipelago. As 2019’s leading experts in Galapagos tourism services, we explore how the company has tailor- made experiences that will change guests’ perspective on life and perception of nature. engaged in the culture, respectfully exploring the natural parks and reserves, and learning about the history; sharing in the life-changing experiences alongside others. Across the Galapagos Islands and the country of Ecuador, the company offer an exclusive fleet of vehicles to explore them in at their best. For navigating the archipelago of islands, Andando own and operate the only three mast-sailing ships of the region, including the gorgeous S/S Mary Anne. The company are also exclusive representatives of the only mega luxury yacht in the Galapagos, able to transport up to fourteen passengers into the world of matchless elegance, and also the flagship of environmental organisation WildAid. No less important that the thrilling and beautiful boating experiences, is the hotel and haciendas that the company work alongside. Cultivating strong links with top- quality hospitality establishments, places to stay in key destinations can transform a guests’ experience from excellent to exemplary. More than just luxury stays, these local hotels can generate local encounters, enabling guests to truly experience the flavour of an area. With a rich history of working in the tourism industry, the team at Andando passionately believe in the principles of sustainable tourism. Of course, these regions should be enjoyed and adored by nature-loving travellers, but they should also be protected at all costs. At a time when environmental protection is high on the international agenda, companies such as this one are pioneering the advocacy for organisations and charities to help preserve the areas of outstanding beauty such as the Galapagos Islands. Every one of the unique travel experiences that Andando create are key in supporting the protection of stunning environments in and around both the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. Developing local communities that are visited during passenger trips, the company donate a charter every year to WildAid, and $100 dollars per passenger on board to collaborate with the conservation of the Galapagos’ Marine Reserve. The staff share the company’s enthusiasm for environmental protection, whilst also delivering unrivalled customer service. At the beating heart of everything Andando does, the multicultural team bring a wealth of experience in the tourism business, filling the company with people that love what they do, imparting expert advice, and constant support throughout a journey. Naval exploration of these incredibly beautiful regions is a must for any traveller, culture-lover, or adventurer seeking their next outstanding experience. Helping clients see the beauty in these places whilst travelling responsibly without compromising on luxury or style, Andando have cemented themselves as the best way to experience everything that the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador has to offer. Company: Andando Tours Contact: Yokasta Calderon Website: