Hospitality Awards 2019

Page 16 LUXlife 2019 Global Hospitality Awards Having worked in hospitality for two decades, Carina knows how to make sure that clients are well and truly catered for, as taking care of people and detailing events is second nature. Her firm, Booker Venue operates as global venue finding service that offers bespoke services for all event needs. Disagreeing with many of the behaviours in the venue finding industry, the firm takes things back to basics by listening to client needs and matching venues purely based on their desires. Listening to clients is an integral part of Booker Venue’s work, ensuring that they find the most perfectly matched venue. Carina can lead the client through as much or as little of the work as possible, from site visits, to home collection for lifts, to also offering bespoke event management services. The friendly, personal, and professional service is always completed in a timely manner. Never swayed by commissions or incentives, Booker Venue takes the time to explore all possible venue options. Working as an extension to their clients team, the firm does all the hard work, taking the pressure off so all they have to do is decide. Finding venues with excellent standards and service, Carina always offers suggestions that clients may never have considered. Drawing on more than twenty years’ experience working in the hospitality industry, founder Carina Booker runs the personal venue finding service Booker Venue, an ethical venue finder. Offering all manner of bespoke solutions for clients large or small, discover what makes this business so successful and socially-cons Booker Venue – The Ethical Venue Finder: Most Socially- Conscious Venue Booking Service - UK Forging strong relationships with clients can help secure their return for future needs. Believing that people buy from people they like, Carina strive to make sure the client feels at ease and secure. Returning clients are always looked after by the same person who dealt with them the last time to guarantee continuity of knowledge and venue preferences. With all the personal attention that the client receives, it can seem too good to be true that Booker Venue’s service is completely free for clients. Once clients have chosen their perfect venue, Carina finalises the booking and then negotiates a commission direct from the venue. By throwing as wide a net as possible, the company can offer the very best rates on the best choice available. Once that’s done, Booker Venue hand over everything to the client for them to organise the remainder of their event, meeting or conference. Alternatively, the service doesn’t have to end there, as Carina can also take care of all the details and manage the entire event as an added service. Social responsibility is high on Booker Venue’s agenda, with a determination to run an honest and ethical business which stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Having noticed a trend of individuals suffering from mental health issues, Carina immediately decided that from the company’s outset, 10% of all profit made would go to MIND UK. Ultimately, Booker Venue and Carina’s success is thanks to their uncompromising stance in being a socially-responsible and morally ethical company. Perfectly sourcing venues all over the world for clients is second nature for this remarkable businessowner, but it is her commitment to helping serve national charities that is truly outstanding. Company: Booker Venue – The Ethical Venue Finder Contact: Carina Booker Website: IMAGE