Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 17 Bringing a new twist to the city exploration hobby, Questo takes tourists on citywide exploration games where users can solve clues in order to discover new places and local stories. Offering year-round experiences for an unlimited number of people simultaneously, users only need their smartphone, instead of the traditional tourist guide. Marrying together casual gaming, storytelling and exploration, Questo is the perfect companion app for those looking to experience old places in a new way, or understand a bit more of local culture through an active experience. By following clues and solving riddles, users are transported into a mission of discovery that puts them at the centre of a fictional story. Games are flexible, able to be started at any hour of the day or night, and paused at any point for tourists to take a break. The app is an intriguing and exciting blend of treasure hunting, city guidance, escape rooms, races and urban challenges. Each game is totally unique, and users can save a princess trapped in an ancient castle one day, or travel into the future in order to protect the present the next. There is a competitive element to Questo, with users able to collaborate, get ranked, earn badges and unlock achievements as they play through quests either on their own, or with friends. Every different route offered inside the Questo app is designed with a specific theme in mind which pertains to the city it is located in. Inspiration can be taken from movies, books, historical facts or local legends. For example, users in London can role-play as Sherlock Holmes or Isaac Newton, or One of the most exciting aspects of visiting any city is undoubtedly the exploration, discovering new sites or old legends, cultural hotspots or modern amenities. Award-winning travel app Questo takes tourists on games designed to explore cities new and old in an innovative way. We examine the company to see how they have levelled up their success. Questo: Best Travel Entertainment App: Questo travellers to Paris can become Picasso or Ernest Hemingway. With quests currently present in fifty cities worldwide, tourists can explore cities such as Rome , San Francisco , Amsterdam , Vienna , Seoul , Berlin and many more in completely new ways. Since the firm’s creation in 2017, more than 50000 people have finished a quest, walking a collective distance of more than 150,000 kilometres to discover popular and hidden locations. The app itself is technologically- friendly and users are diverse, including couples, families with children, large groups, business travellers, and solo travellers. As of today, Questo has more than 120 exploration games available in 15 countries worldwide, all created by a global network of local content creators. Currently looking to partner with online travel agencies, tour operators, and hotels, Questo are aiming to bring their city exploration games to millions of travellers across the globe. Able to create unique experiences in thirty days or less, the firm is working with partners in key cities worldwide to create truly unique and bespoke games. In all, Questo’s remarkable success is thanks in large part to their innovative additions to the tourist experience. Whether a traveller or a local, the app’s exploratory games are the perfect way to experience and learn about new places across the world, discovering hidden secrets and places of interest along the way. Company: QUESTO Contact: Sebastian Maraloiu Email: [email protected] Website: