Hospitality Awards 2019

LUXlife 2019 Global Hospitality Awards Page 36 Having been in operation for nine years, Le Studio Des Arts Vivants has quickly established itself as Casablanca and Morocco’s best performing arts school for 2019. Following on from their win in LUX Life’s Hospitality Awards 2019, we examine the studio in greater detail to learn more about their activities, offerings, and successes. Le Studio Des Arts Vivants: Best Performing Arts School 2019 - Morocco With fifty experienced professionals, nine years of experience, and over a thousand students every year, Le Studio Des Arts Vivants invites children, teenagers and adults of all ages and from all walks of life to come and discover their wide range of artistic activities. Ranging from singing and music, to theatre and dance, to plastic arts and circus arts, this artistic school boasts a broad curriculum of programmes to enhance people’s knowledge and life skills. Not just a school, however, The Studio also offers a theatre, art gallery, and auction house with room rental and event planning services. The studio itself is housed in a building designed by Omar Alaoui, a truly unique and exceptional location for any event or program. With a contemporary and modern architecture design, the building expertly blends the warm brown tones of culture and artistic themes, with the smooth and sleek silvery tones of sophistication and top-quality education. An international team of qualified and experienced professionals are on hand to teach the artistic programs across eight major areas: singing, music, dance, theatre, plastic arts, circus arts, children’s awakening and initiation activities, and physical coaching. Le Studio Des Arts Vivants offers their programs to people from all walks of life, including children from three years of age, through teens right into adulthood. What makes Le Studio Des Arts Vivants one of the best performing arts schools is the breadth of programs that are within the main areas of teaching. Singing, for example, includes work on choral singing, musical comedy, or solo singing. Students are taught to listen, develop their rhythmic sense, and to develop their perception of melodic movements. Theatre encourages students to play alongside each other, exploring their inner emotions and externalise them, search for characters, and experience being on the stage. These classes truly bring the arts to life in an unparalleled way for all involved, whether performing or witnessing.