Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 43 “Over recent years, within the event planning space we have seen a rise in creative and offbeat event venues, and we see this as one of the trends that will continue to grow. There is a growing focus on creating memorable, interactive experiences at meetings and events. We see that unconventional meeting and event venues will generate interest and create unforgettable memories in building our event’s story in an organic way. By taking on the task of transforming an unexpected space will set a foundation of innovation and add value to our events. “With mindfulness another core focus, the next trend we foresee will be to give attendees time and space to breathe, reflect, and regroup with hands-on workshops, outdoor activities, art exhibits or wellness activities. Even though we want to provide as much value as possible we do not discount the benefits of attendees being mindful as well, and as such we are proud to be incorporating these latest solutions into our work.” These exciting new developments will pave the way for even greater success for Spin Event Management in the future. The firm has already achieved incredible feats since it first began, and Kim is proud of how far it has come and exciting for what the future holds, as she proudly concludes. “For an agency that has only been around just over two years, we have had the opportunity to work on some great event projects. With our background and experience of nearly twenty years in marketing within the corporate world, Spin Event Management really understands the need to meet objectives and goals for our corporate clients through in-person events. We are looking forward to many more opportunities as we continue to grow and being an intricate partner to our clients in the future. “Thanks to the market developments and continued growth, we feel the sky is the limit for event planning and Spin Event Management. We are already planning a handful of events well into 2020 with current clients as well as new clients. We are always adapting to trends that make conferences and events more engaging and more dynamic than the one before for our clients.” Company: Spin Event Management Name: Kim Schmitz Address: 10964 S. Pikes Peak Dr. #300, Parker, CO 80138 Web Address: Telephone Number: 3036589346