Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 61 A true pearl of the Aegean Sea, the rugged hills and tranquil waters of Santorini have transformed the island into a traveller’s paradise. Perfect for anyone looking to escape modern, urban city life, this gorgeous island boasts spectacular cliffs, expertly designed alabaster architecture and an authentic feel seldom found in tourist locations. With tourism comes more business, and it can be hard for companies to distinguish themselves in the field. Against the odds, Mesogaia Delicatessen establishes itself as arguably one of Santorini’s most outstanding gastronomical experiences. Situated by the seafront, guests cannot help but enjoy the soft music and candlelight of Mesogaia’s perfect atmosphere. The restaurant is quite unlike it’s competitors, not clamouring for attention but rather letting their exquisite offerings speak for themselves. Effortless, the restaurant appears calmer and infinitely more appealing to travellers and tourists alike, yearning for that authentic Greek cuisine. In and amongst the expanse of restaurants, bars and food shops of Santorini is hidden a gem of luxurious proportions. Mesogaia Delicatessen stands head and shoulders above the competition on the island, delivering mouthful after mouthful of exquisite flavours and refreshing wine in the most perfect location. Mesogaia Delicatessen: Best Wine Bar & Restaurant 2019 - Santorini Once seated, another of Mesogaia’s many luxuries is revealed. A five-course wine tasting experience, where five plates of mouth-watering food are paired with five wines, each carefully selected by the sommelier. Each dish is exquisitely balanced, from portion sizes that are not overwhelming, to the bottles of wine which bring an increased understanding of what makes Grecian cuisine so tempting. Gastronomical wonders are presented on the plate in an explosion of colours and flavours, taking no small amount of inspiration from Greek cuisine across the archipelago. Classics are present, such as olives, feta and tzatziki, coupled with meze platters to offer guests a genuine gold mine of Grecian culture and food. To not mention the wine would be a cardinal sin, as it transforms Mesogaia from an exemplary restaurant into an unmatched temple of taste. The sommeliers truly know their wines, and work to excruciating levels of care in making sure that each wine selected during dinner service is absolutely perfect as an accompaniment for any meal on the menu. Even once the luxurious dining experience has come to a satisfying end, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Mesogaia’s retail section offers guests the chance to take a small selection of treats away with them, offering tantalising reminders of the pure dining delight that took place. Olives, jams, oils and wines are all on offer, so guests can take a little bit of Santorini with them when they leave. It is no small feat to stand out amongst the vast numbers of restaurants and bars offered in the Aegean wonder that is Santorini, but Mesogaia have managed it with gastronomical aplomb. With sumptuous food, refreshing wine, idyllic views, and a effortlessly casual setting, this restaurant is a must for any lover of Grecian culture. Company: Mesogaia Delicatessen Contact: Nick Anastasopoulos