Hospitality Awards 2019

Page 62 LUXlife 2019 Global Hospitality Awards Partnering with more than six hundred ministries and organisations throughout their history, Inspiration has achieved a level of excellence commended by top Christian leaders and industry experts. In the nearly four decades since the company’s creation, over 200,000 passengers have embarked on faith-enriching cruises and tours with Inspiration. Clients who have travelled onboard, range from national ministries to local church groups, to well-known Christian international artists and best-selling authors. At the heart of Inspiration is the mission to create once-in-a-lifetime events for groups that connect them in meaningful ways. Services extend well beyond simply booking travel, with the company’s primary focus on facilitating unforgettable travel experiences. In order to achieve this, the firm offers logistical help and event management, handling every detail from full-ship charter cruises to multi- bus land tours. By managing the mundanity of booking details, clients are free to do what they do best; share their faith through teaching, encouragement, and connection with followers. Since 1981, Inspiration Cruises & Tours has pioneered the world of Christian travel, a growing industry nearly forty years on. With a reputation for first-class customer service and once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities, discover what makes this faith-based organisation one of the most unique across the hospitality and travel industry today. Inspiration Cruises & Tours, Inc. Best Christian Travel Management Company - USA Destinations range from the glorious Mediterranean sunshine of Europe to the frosty north of Alaska. Recently, Inspiration has taken groups on European river cruises, tropical cruises to Tahiti, and ground tours in France and Washington, DC. The long- standing Holy Land tours continue to be extremely popular amongst clients, as well as multiple faith-based travel experiences every year to Israel and Jordan. One of the primary trends that the hospitality industry has seen is the exponential growth of faith-based travel. As pioneers within that particular area of the industry, Inspiration continues to embrace ministry partners and travellers who are looking for more than beautiful scenery or relaxation. As Inspiration offers “travel with a purpose” experiences, journeys are tailor-made to foster relationships, facilitate worship, and deepen faith between congregations and groups. Clients within the faith-based travel industry are looking for more than stunning locations and time away. Working alongside leaders to provide exceptional Christian travel experiences, interest in faith-based travel has grown year on year. In order to cope with the continued growth of interest, Inspiration is continually adding new and exciting destinations to their collection of offerings. Inspiration’s reputation comes from decades of catering to top leaders, pastors, speakers, authors and artists across the Christian community. Known for giving team members full authority, staff are always on hand to help solve problems and meet client needs. Many of the company’s clients find them through word of mouth, from one pastor or musician to another. Consistently meeting their clients’ expectations, and exceeding them, is what they are known for. As a faith-based organization, biblical principles guide Inspiration’s ethics and moral outlook towards their business. The staff team has been carefully assembled to include those who share faith-based values, and also love travel. This combination of worldview, experience, and passion ensures a cohesive, productive team that consistently delivers top-quality travel experiences across the world. Ultimately, the team at Inspiration have cultivated success through allowing their clients to do what they do best in a luxurious and relaxing environment. Encouraged to share their message and journey across the world in style, clients can enjoy all the benefits of the thriving industry of Christian travel. Company: Inspiration Cruises & Tours, Inc. Address: 4384 E Ashlan Ave, Suite 101 Fresno, CA 93726 USA Telephone Number: 800.247.1899 Website: