Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 65 Surrounding the Currahee Club are a wide variety of activities all within easy reach, and offering great excitement. To name but a few, there are zip-lining facilities, the infamous Currahee Mountain, and the site of World War Two-focused HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers. Members can try their hand at fly fishing on the River Soque in the old town of Helen, or go kayaking and canoeing to numerous breath-taking waterfalls and parks to enjoy a picnic lunch. The quaint towns of Clarkesville and Athens are a short drive, with Gainesville GA, and Greenville SC just an hour away. Less than seven miles away from Currahee Club is Toccoa, and the local airport, which offers everything else that members and residents alike need to enjoy life and romance year-round. Big enough to provide the services and amenities that most people need, the town is also small enough to still make residents feel like they live in the countryside, far from the madding crowd of the cities. Toccoa’s community is full of rich history, culture, and scenery, not to mention the popular tourist attraction of a truly impressive 186-foot-high waterfall, taller than both Niagara Falls and tallest east of the Mississippi River. Residents who wish to venture a little further afield can make use of the Amtrak train, which makes two stops in Toccoa every 24 hours. Taking passengers on to Atlanta and then New Orleans, the train returns the next day via Toccoa whilst en route to Washington DC and then New York City. Further establishing their unequalled success as best of the best across the Deep South, Currahee Club delivers on the promise of unrivalled luxury living in a pristine and perfect setting, exquisitely catering to every resident and member need. Company: Currahee Club Contact: Andrew Ward, President Website: