Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 89 Opened in 2018, Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza is a young entrant to the restaurant market, yet thanks to its delicious dishes and warm hospitality it is already making an impact on the local community. Dedicated to providing only the finest cuisine possible, the culinary concept of Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza is defined by the reinterpretation of traditional dishes of the Andalusian gastronomy, elaborated with a total respect for the ingredients used in every meal. The result is a menu built around quality steaks, with these delicious slices of meat being the centre of every dish. Each accompaniment is designed to perfectly compliment the steak and bring out the beauty and flavour to entice guests from far and wide. Located in Casares a picturesque White Andalusian Village, Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza is a steakhouse dedicated to epitomising the region’s laid-back and welcoming atmosphere by providing guests with delicious dishes and exceptional hospitality. We profile the eatery to find out more about its win of not one but two of our 2019 Hospitality Awards, which are only provided to the finest establishments throughout the world. Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza: Most Scenic Dining Experience 2019 - Malaga Province & Steakhouse of the Year 2019 - Malaga Province The team at Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza search far and wide for the most sumptuous cuts of meat, then work tirelessly to ensure they are perfectly prepared so that every steak served at this award-winning steakhouse is a masterpiece. From matured meats through to prime cuts, each dish is made with fresh, locally sourced produce and carefully crafted to delight and surprise guests. These visitors may be tourists looking for the white villages, or business travellers. Many local residents come from nearby towns and villages to experience the region’s delicious dining options and superb views. A big part of the eatery’s clientele is the expats who live in the area and the foreigners that own second residences and spend some time living in Spain and some the remainder of the time living in their countries. Regardless of who they are or where they come from, Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza is on a mission to make this discerning clientele enjoy unique experiences through the Andalusian gastronomy. This unique cuisine is a melting pot of cultures and dishes, using the best selection of products that the lands and seas have to offer. Nestled between the sea and the mountain, the region offers an ideal location for eatery sourcing fresh, local delicacies. Every ingredient served at Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza is purchased locally so that diners can sample the finest Andalusian produce and cooking. With warm weather and a stunning landscape, the region is the perfect place to eat outside in, and Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza capitalise on this by opening its terrace year around so that diners can enjoy the delights of the region whilst basking in its beauty. Moving forward, Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza will be seeking to enhance its success by expanding into new sectors, such as catering and banqueting, all whilst at the same time working to continue to offer the exceptional quality food and hospitality guests have come to enjoy. Company: Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza Name: Miguel Hernandez Sarmiento Address: Carretera de Casares km 12,5, Casares 29690, Malaga Telephone Number: 0034952895035 Web Address: