Hospitality Awards 2020

Page 24 LUX 2020 Global Hospitality Awards Established in 2012, Praxis Services is a business process management company and the South Asian market leader in hotel revenue operations, providing revenue management services for more than a fifth of the region’s luxury and midscale hotels and resorts market, as well as hotels in Europe, the Maldives and Cuba. Praxis was founded by pioneer in the principles of revenue management and analytics-based service standards for India, CEO Ravish Swarup. Unlike any other service provider, Praxis integrates several channels of distribution, also offering integrated sales and marketing strategies for both traditional and online distribution channels. The firm delivers comprehensive business solutions in everything from Reservation Sales Services, Revenue Management, Online Sales and Distribution Management, to CRM, Database Marketing and Tele Sales. Moreover, Praxis is able to use advanced analytics to help its clients make business decisions regarding customer acquisitions, marketing ROI, process improvements, profitability management and more. Consequently, where most large hotel and travel corporations have to invest in and coordinate various departments, Praxis Praxis Services is a market- leading business process management company specialising in hotel revenue and travel operations. Serving clients all over the globe who are seeking to optimise their revenue, Praxis delivers comprehensive, integrated tech solutions under one roof, not only cutting costs but saving valuable time and effort that larger companies waste on coordinating different departments. We take a closer look at Praxis and its revolutionary approach to optimising hotel revenue operations. Praxis Services Best Hotel Reservation & Revenue Management Company - South Asia clients are able to carry out and manage all operations to maximise revenue in one place and for a fraction of the costs. For instance, corporate travel departments of travel management companies traditionally work across several departments to determine requirements and budgets for travelling, so as to be able to negotiate discounts and preferred rates with travel suppliers based on their company-wide travel needs. In order to secure the best deals, the departments must establish good working relationships with hotels, which they choose based on Global Distribution systems. Hotels that are selected are more likely to be chosen by travellers, so hotels make sure that they fulfil the requirements to be selected, from adhering to price, safety and quality criterion to having the market intelligence of competition bidding and thresholds. With Praxis’ innovative services, hotels are able to complete these processes easily and inexpensively. Similarly, Praxis is able to manage its clients’ online success through optimisation of their ecommerce platforms, boosting their performance on travel review sites and online travel agencies, and integrating social media platforms so as to devise strategies that will direct end-users to their websites. With the power of viral marketing becoming more apparent every day, the demand for Praxis’ social media integration capabilities is also increasing rapidly. Indeed, Praxis now manages over 26,000 room inventory of branded hotel rooms daily for Revenue Optimization at its state-of-the-art global delivery centre in Gurgaon, India, such is the growing rate of demand for its services. With many businesses in the hospitality sector yet to make effective use of disparate, dispersed and growing levels of data, Praxis seeks to show how revenue, pricing, reservations and other systems can offer critical data to measure performance. There are many benefits to using this data, primarily in its utility in making market forecasts and creating actionable strategies for success. There is still more to be done for Praxis, who acknowledge the need for personalisation in hotel service which automation will never fully be able to accomplish. However, with technology and digital transformation taking greater precedence within hospitality, Praxis is helping more independent hotels who are limited by their reliance on traditional models across the globe to seize the opportunities this progress brings. While the ongoing pandemic has seen a depression in the hospitality industry globally, it has also given companies chance to reassess their operations and turn to technology. The young, dynamic and invested team of more than 500 at Praxis are therefore driving hard to ensure that as reservation activity starts to increase with gentle easing of travel restrictions, Praxis’ client processes are at optimal condition so as to best serve their clients. Although the business travel sector of the market remains low without any indication of rising in the next two to three quarters, Praxis is feeling positive about the future. The firm estimates that pent-up demand for quick getaways that has been building throughout lockdowns will see the leisure business grow at an exponential rate. Therefore, Praxis continues to stand at the intersection of hospitality and travel management, ready to help their ambitious clients who are looking to achieve their revenue and quality goals once life after Covid-19 begins. Company: Praxis Services Contact: Aditya Mehrish Web Address: