Hospitality Awards 2020 Page 31 LUX 2020 Global Hospitality Awards Since 2017, Preiper Luxe has proudly served the finest Spanish luxury hospitality establishments as a tourism consultant committed to creating an unforgettable stay in Spain that combines luxury with the history, culture and traditions of the country. Specialists in exclusivity, Preiper offers views of Spain that are far from the beaten track, allowing guests to truly discover a rare and inimitable side to the extraordinary country. Boasting an extensive portfolio of some of Spain’s most exclusive luxury hotels and venues, Preiper works with its clients as an extension of their sales and marketing teams to create bespoke commercial and communication strategies that will strengthen their prestigious positions in the luxury market. Preiper delivers immaculate service to its clients as they work to preserve the authentic identity of each establishment, ensuring that each hotel or venue is a celebration of Spain. Driven by a winning combination of wisdom, experience and flexibility, Preiper provides personalised solutions to help its clients’ businesses flourish. In some ways, the job is easy: the unparalleled hospitality of its people, its divine Preiper Luxe is a tourism consultant firm specialising in luxury hospitality that encapsulates the history, culture and traditions of Spain. Its mission is to design tailormade strategies to boost the sales and marketing of the country’s most exclusive hotels and resorts. Today, as the global tourism industry is facing unprecedented challenges, Preiper is leading the way in securing the future of the luxury hospitality sector of Spain with their initiative: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa. We take a closer look at this initiative as it comes to save the day. PREIPER Luxe - Authentic Heritage Best Spanish Luxury Hospitality Consultancy 2020 and diverse cuisine, its colourful culture and its captivating history makes Spain an easy destination to market to tourists from all over the world. However, hospitality and tourism industries around the world are currently facing a significant challenge in the form of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Spain, like so many others, is relying heavily on its people to see its tourism sector survive this unprecedented period, which is why Preiper has launched its initiative: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa. The initiative was created with the belief that people needed and deserved to relax and enjoy their summer, especially in the uncertainty that pervaded 2020. Demonstrating solidarity and commitment to boosting Spain’s tourism sector – a fundamental pillar of the Spanish economy – the initiative seeks to offer guests a unique and unforgettable vacation without having to leave the country. Launched in July 2020 when many hotels across Spain began to reopen their doors, #micasaestucasa is an alliance of thirteen unique and distinguished boutique hotels spread across the country: NOA Boutique Hotel (A Coruña); Palacio de Luces (Asturias); La Casa del Presidente (Ávila); Atrio Hotel y Restaurante (Cáceres); La Malvasía (El Rocío, Huelva); Hotel Camiral y PGA Catalunya Resort (Girona); Casa Palacio María Luisa (Jerez); CoolRooms Atocha (Madrid); Gran Hotel Son Net (Mallorca); Palacio de Villapanés (Sevilla); Fontecruz Seises (Sevilla); Molino de Alcuneza (Sigüenza); and Eugenia de Montijo (Toledo). Each hotel boasts its own stunning surrounding locations, authentic architectural finds, inimitable luxury hospitality and a true taste of rich Spanish traditions and culture. The initiative was created to enable these hotels to open, even amidst the pandemic and the social and economic challenges it posed for these establishments. The priority is working to updated protocols based on renewed operational practices and government guidelines to ensure that guests feel comfortable and safe when they travel away from home, whilst also enjoying a luxurious holiday. As a result, Preiper and its collective of luxury hotels are ensuring that the Spanish hospitality industry is not only surviving throughout this pandemic but flourishing. Guests have the opportunity to sample a truly authentic taste of Spain, confident in the knowledge that their stay will be of the highest standards in both safety and comfort. Company: PREIPER Luxe - Authentic Heritage Contact: Rafael Perez Navazo Web Address: