Hospitality Awards 2020

Page 32 LUX 2020 Global Hospitality Awards Situated on the golden sands of the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize, Sirenian Bay is an intimate, all-inclusive resort that promises comfort and luxury. Every element of the resort - from its spa, Inky’s 19th Hole Bar and Grill, and even their sister property, Captain Jak’s (located in the heart of Placencia Village) – is carefully created with a commitment to comfort, relaxation and adventure. From the moment they book their stay, guests receive excellence in their service. The resort finds out the reason for their stay and what the team can do to make their trip even more special, whether it be putting together an impromptu birthday celebration or planning an unforgettable marriage proposal. As a boutique, family-run resort that accommodates around seventy people, Sirenian Bay strikes the perfect balance between homely and intimate but roomy enough to host small weddings, family reunions and more, with the ability to go above and beyond to make their guests’ stay truly personal and memorable. As such, the Sirenian Bay team comprises individuals who are skilled and professional, but more importantly have warm, friendly personalities that suit the ethos of the resort. While skills can be taught, attributes such as genuineness, creative thinking, personal accountability and a desire to go above and beyond cannot. That is why owners Brian and Brenda Montgomery and their team are always on the lookout for individuals who have a ‘let me find out for you’ attitude rather than a ‘that’s not my job’ attitude who can make the Sirenian Bay team even stronger. Sirenian Bay Resort and Villas is an all-inclusive boutique luxury resort situated in Southern Belize boasting comfort, adventure and relaxation. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of vacation services, Sirenian Bay can tailor their guests’ stay to suit them, putting together custom packages with exceptional customer service so as to deliver fantastic and memorable holiday experiences. Sirenian Bay Resort &Villas Best All-Inclusive Boutique Beach Resort - Belize As a result, guests often report that by the end of their trip, they feel like part of the Sirenian Bay family. Guests and staff know each other by name within hours of arrival, and the team strive to fulfil the needs and wants of their guests without them even needing to ask. As such, guests are ready to rebook their next trip out to Belize before they have even finished the first, eager to return soon to their home away from home. This exceptional service only enhances the already magnificent environment of the resort. With the ocean just a short stroll from the rooms, the resort is beautifully open and inviting, filled with vibrant floral extravaganzas and accompanied by gentle yet jazzy music. Guests sink into an oasis of calm and luxury as soon as they arrive, with their luggage whisked away by butlers to be replaced by lightly scented towels and a revivifying fruity drink (complete with rum, if desired). Sirenian Bay features three villas with full kitchens and private pools, twelve all-inclusive bungalows, and one apartment. Guests are able to choose ocean front, beach view, or pool side accommodations and can take advantage of delicious food and drink day and night from Inky’s, specialty beach buffets, or room service. Guests can even choose to use the personal chef service, private butlers, a private dinner on the beach, or wine tasting to make the culinary aspects of their stay even more spectacular. Complimentary ground transportation and other amenities ensure that every element of the holiday is completely hassle-free. However, like so many others, Sirenian Bay has felt the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having only opened the full resort in January 2020, the team quickly evaluated their next steps when only three months later the hospitality industry ground to a halt. The resort took a proactive approach, continuing construction, refining processes and adjusting to the requirements of Covid-19, ready for the resurgence of travel expected in 2021. Sirenian Bay will be ready to welcome its guests back to a lot of exciting developments in the resort, including a new fitness centre, a wine tasting room with intimate dining area, a rooftop martini bar and specialty restaurant, as well as the start of some other projects such as an additional spa and a private island. Although recovery will be slow, Belize is starting to see inquiries and bookings increase. As a result of the downtime enforced through the last nine months, Sirenian Bay is pleased to say they will be able to come out of the pandemic stronger and prepared to provide even better and more unforgettable experiences to their guests than ever before. Company: Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas Contact: Tobie Beck, [email protected] Web Address: