Hospitality Awards 2020 Page 9 LUX 2020 Global Hospitality Awards The Bell Inn in Hampton is a multi-award-winning gastropub, unparalleled in South West London. Overlooking the River Thames, this upmarket pub has become a cornerstone of its community since its inception ten years ago, with a reputation for high quality food and drinks delivered with exceptional customer service. At a time when the hospitality industry is at a significant disadvantage, the LUXlife: Pub of the Year – South West London recognises the Bell Inn’s ongoing commitment to serving Hampton and the surrounding areas. The Bell Inn Pub of the Year - South West London Oct20344 Situated on the banks of the River Thames in Hampton, South West London, the Bell Inn is a refined community pub that has been trading since 2010. In that time, the Bell Inn team has been driven by the belief that a pub should be a welcoming place for diners and drinkers, and has consequently built its reputation as a leading provider of delicious, fresh food and drinks, served by a team of friendly faces devoted to going above and beyond. Diners are treated to a comprehensive menu of classic gastropub delicacies such as fish and chips, homemade burgers and the pub’s famous pies, as well as a constantly evolving selection of seasonal dishes. All food is cooked fresh to order from high quality ingredients that are sourced from the best local markets and suppliers, some of whom, like their local butcher, have been with the Bell Inn since its inception. The Bell Inn’s hand-picked wine menu boasts a winning selection of wines, whilst its cocktail list features classic cocktails made fresh with premium spirits. The pub’s selection of craft gins has been carefully curated from all around the world to showcase the very best in gin, whilst its award-winning beer is sourced from local breweries through SIBA, so as to offer a regularly changing list of guests. All of this is delivered with customer service that goes the extra mile. Every member of the Bell Inn team looks after their guests, establishing relationships with them to ensure that they feel comfortable and well-taken care of. This begins before the guest even walks through the door, as the staff surveys the site every morning to ensure they have created the perfect ambience and comfortable surroundings for their guests. Having been greeted with a smile and a warm hello upon entry, every guest continues to receive personalised service throughout their stay. The front-of-house team works hard to accommodate a client’s every need, regularly checking in with them to ensure they are satisfied with their dining experience. In the kitchen, the staff are constantly looking at ways to improve their dishes so as to deliver the most divine culinary experiences. As a team, the Bell Inn constantly listens and learns from any feedback so as to better their dishes, drinks and offers to keep customers coming back time after time. Whether a guest is coming alone, as a couple, or with a group to dine, drink or enjoy functions that were regularly hosted by the Bell Inn prior to Covid-19, they are guaranteed a consistently high-level of service. A lot has changed in the ten years since the Bell Inn first opened its doors as one of the few modern country pubs in South West London. Now, the pub works hard to stay ahead in an increasingly saturated market, with even the bigger chains and companies offering unique, premium-quality products. Following food trends and programmes to keep its offer fresh and exciting, the recruitment of positive, hardworking people has been the primary key to the pub’s continued success, even in the challenging climates of the last year. Even prior to the lockdown, the hospitality industry was facing increasing pressure from operational costs and competition against the discount culture of high-street operators. These issues were only exacerbated by the pandemic, yet the Bell Inn remains positive, focusing on the future rather than brooding over the circumstances and blaming the country’s authorities. Whilst many of the pub’s plans are yet to be revealed, it is currently working on adjusting to operation in the pandemic, exploring its takeaway offer, shifting trade to daytime and serving breakfast, cakes and coffees. The pub will also offer hotdesking capabilities so as to increase its use for businesses, and is also reducing its menu so as to limit food waste at this crucial and unpredictable point in the market. To the Bell Inn, a pub is the hub of the community; the place to go for a beer or coffee, to meet friends or loved ones. Covid-19 may be halting this for now, but pubs will continue to be there once we emerge, serving their communities with a smile. Pub: The Bell Inn Contact: Carl Warner, General Manager Email: [email protected] Web Address: Company Name: Authentic Pub Co Company Contact: Simon Bailey, Director