Hospitality Awards 2021

Page 26 LUX 2021 Hospitality Awards Maison Privee is a hospitality company operating out of Dubai. Providing vacation and corporate rentals in Dubai as part of its premium service, it takes great pride in granting the convenient experience of a luxury hotel whilst offering all the discretion, privacy, and comfort of home. Since being founded in 2017, it dedicated itself to focusing on hospitality service for corporate visitors and discerning tourists; the business that would flourish into the thriving entity it is today. The business secured Series A funding and took the lead in the short stay accommodations market in the region. It hand-picks luxury properties in order to offer the best short-term stays in the best locations, supporting its guests with comprehensive service. Its customer service covers a wide range of creature comforts and conveniences from checking in and out to getting in contact with its 24/7 support team, concierge services, professional cleaning services, and more. This is no different in the hospitality industry, and is something that Maison Privee is excited to be a part of, with significant growth in its industry that it keeps a finger on the pulse of in order to remain a highly competitive going concern amongst its peers and within the minds of its market segment. It, in essence, has thus identified innovation as one of the core pillars of its business, and is something that its guests can benefit from during their stay. Far from resting on its laurels, Maison Privee is always striving to get ahead, and during the last 12 months has been working on growth and evolution by way of understanding the demands of different guest Aug21481 Maison Privee Best Short-Term Vacation Rentals Company - UAE profiles and striving to create a truly tailored experience with that information. Maison Privee innovates and refines its product to best fit specific demographics and make for a truly bespoke experience. With the added benefit of being able to hand pick different property styles, types, and locations, it can adjust everything about a client’s stay in order to make it perfect, using surveys to identify what kind of service its market segment prefers, such as self-check-in instead of traditional guest relations meet and greets. As the best-funded growth stage business in its region, it has proven a crucible of development and career furtherment for its staff as it draws the eyes of the hospitality industry in the macro scale, allowing them to reach the top of their fields in terms of expertise and prestige. Having hosted over 28,000 guests so far, its business model comprised of management fees on rentals, partnerships for ancillary guest services, and cross selling of owner services has pushed it into the spotlight of it sector, allowing its guests to expect a 5 star experience every time. In this manner, it is incredibly proud of the unique experience it has created and looks forward to the next stage of its evolution. Company: Maison Privee Contact: Paul Mallee Website: A private, exclusive, and bespoke approach to corporate short-term stays and tourism, Maison Privee is a hotel experience like no other. Setting its clients up in a selection of hand- picked, beautiful locations that will perfectly fit their needs and requirements, it has made itself a pioneer of bespoke holiday and retreat destinations, creating a niche in the market all of its own.