Hospitality Awards 2021

Page 28 LUX 2021 Hospitality Awards Scrappy’s Bitters was founded by Seattle bartender Miles Thomas in his search for the best bitters. Miles did extensive research and development into the world of bitters, immersing himself in invigorating botanicals, herbs, and the precise and unequivocal extraction methods, producing not just a bitter but an award-winning, globally-recognized best bitter. Miles learned how to pair flavors together to help intensify the taste he desired for his perfect bitter. During this time, Miles understood the several ways he could extract a flavor from the same source whilst yielding a completely different taste. The journey into bitters was long but had fruitful notes, and after years of experiments, Miles launched Scrappy’s in 2008. Since its introduction, Scrappy’s has gained a small but dedicated team aiding in the production of handcrafted bitters in the Seattle, Washington area ever since. Miles Thomas, the owner of Scrappy’s Bitters, explains, “We believe in living well through the senses—and part of living well is drinking well. So, we want you to taste, smell, and savor our commitment to excellence one cocktail at a time. Enlivening scenes through rich and heady aromatics or perhaps a subtly intense punch of citrus.” Miles and his team have thoroughly developed every flavor and component of Scrappy’s bitters by hand, making the finest bitters in the world – perfection in every drop. Scrappy’s selects the finest herbs and botanicals and zests all its citruses by hand, ensuring that the product developed is rich, bold, and aromatic with the freshest ingredients within. Miles explains, “Every batch we make uses organic ingredients of the highest quality with no artificial flavors, chemicals, or dyes - all processed in one location. Why? Because we believe the only way to make bitters better is to make them by hand.” Aug21568 Scrappy’s Bitters Best Craft Bitters Brand - North America To get a hold of Scrappy’s acclaimed best bitters, the store locator upon the website is the fastest and easiest way to ensure you find a location carrying its product. However, as distribution is constantly changing, Scrappy’s makes the best effort to keep its list of retailers as thorough and as up to date as possible. Additionally, Scrappy’s is available globally, from New York to Greece and Australia to Sweden. It has over 50 distribution locations, but without wanting to withhold the best bitters in the world, Scrappy’s is more than happy to have customers get in touch to benefit from its services and quench their thirst! Company: Scrappy’s Bitters Contact Name: Benjamin Sheffield Web Address: Email: [email protected] Scrappy’s Bitters, awarded Best Craft Bitters Brand – North America, was founded with a simple goal: to make every drink better. It wants its clientele to taste, smell and savor the excellence that is Scrappy’s Bitters.