Hospitality Awards 2021

Page 30 LUX 2021 Hospitality Awards Situated in the thriving cultural hub of West Hollywood, CA, EMCBOWERY, the full- service public relations and communications agency, knows what it takes to stand out from the crowd. A provider of high-quality creative services that are uniquely tailored to its extensive roster of clients, EMCBOWERY is all about bringing their big ideas and creative visions to life, in order to promote their brand and champion their cause. Since its foundation in 2008, EMCBOWERY’s co-founders Jack Ketsoyan and Ben Russo have established the agency as a leading authority on building influential social media networks, as well as the creation and elevation of brand profiles, the curation of valuable business and media partnerships, and the generation and maintenance of effective marketing and public relations campaigns within any market. Within these campaigns, EMCBOWERY relies on collaboration with brands, creators, artists, and corporate brands to curate brand images and narratives that best represent its unique and varied clients. Indeed, having been in the industry for over a decade, EMCBOWERY has earned trust and long-lasting relationships with an impressive and highly valued clientele that spans corporate, hospitality and talent sectors. From talent clients such as Kristin Cavallari, Nicky Hilton and Erika Jayne, to its corporate clients like The h.wood Group, Innovative Dining Group and Wynn Las Vegas, to its hospitality clients such as London Entertainment Group, TATEL, and many more Aug21612 EMC|BOWERY Best Luxury Brand Creative Agency - Southern California besides, EMCBOWERY is an agency with an unmatched reputation for building PR campaigns for the best and brightest of Hollywood and beyond. Integral to the success of these partnerships are the people behind EMCBOWERY, who are united by values of creativity, ingenuity, dedication, and perseverance – values that are also applied to the unique and attention- grabbing campaigns they create. “[We] recognize that our most important assets are our employees and so when recruiting, we seek out talent that embody the values of the organization,” say Jack and Ben. “When recruiting new team members, we look for individuals who possess proven leadership abilities, excellent communication skills, and a high level of emotional intelligence that is required in the public relations space.” The co-founders have created a productive environment within their agency that ensures that their team is able to bring their best selves to the table every day and celebrate the beauty of their diversity as an organisation. “In fact,” the pair continue, “part of our success comes from our commitment to diversity and inclusion, because it has helped us to maximize our innovation and creativity by allowing our staff to be their true, authentic selves.” Consequently, EMCBOWERY’s clients are able to benefit from a strong and creative team of experts that has now been recognised as Best Luxury Brand Creative Agency - Southern California for its dedication to bringing their big ideas to life. Planning each step meticulously, EMCBOWERY works in close collaboration with its clients to create inspired solutions that ensure their brands make an impact that lasts. Company: EMCBOWERY Contact: [email protected] Website: Social: @emcbowery Co-founded by Jack Ketsoyan and Ben Russo, EMCBOWERY connects their clients to consumers through the world of entertainment, lifestyle, sports, influence, and popular culture. Founded in 2008, EMCBOWERY is dedicated to providing its portfolio of international clients with creative services, acting as a trusted business partner as it curates a unique and indispensable brand for each of them.