Hospitality Awards 2021 Page 33 LUX 2021 Hospitality Awards Dalyan Resort, a resort nestled in the middle of one of Turkey’s most historically rich areas, offers clients a chance to relax in a mythologically inspired environment of fairy- tale quality. With stretching countryside alongside a winding riverside, nearby beach and ruins, organic produce sourced locally, and a spa that offers a traditional set of services with modern comforts and conveniences, it is no wonder that Dalyan’s Resort and Resort Spa have become the jewels in the crown of South West Turkey’s hospitality industry. Dalyan Resort Best Luxury Wellness Spa & Hotel - Southwestern Turkey Aug21743 With Dalyan Resort and Dalyan Resort Spa being two sister hotels situated directly next to each other, it is the Dalyan promise that a client will always be able to find the kind of holiday they’re hankering after within its walls. Its 100 rooms are centrally located along the Dalyan River, and provide exemplary and stunning reviews over this idyllic, meandering body of water and the beautiful surrounding countryside, inviting guests to relax in a paradise away from the stresses of everyday life. Fundamentally, this hotel, resort, and spa focuses on providing a deeply relaxing experience for the mind, body, and soul, allowing customers to bask in comfort and luxury within its well-designed resort, equipped with all the modern amenities that a customer might need during their stay. Dalyan’s gorgeous location truly allows clients to immerse themselves in the Turkish countryside’s alluring beauty. From the chirping birds of the morning chorus to the colours of the native plants that grow in the garden, Dalyan promises to take a customer back to a simple life where they can simply enjoy the pleasure of thriving in a temperate home away from home. Moreover, this idyllic haven offers exemplary dining options to allow a client to enjoy their holiday satisfied with every element taken care of, with its bed and breakfast stylings allowing a guest the freedom to choose whenever and whatever they would like to eat. Its A La Carte menu allows for a choice of locally renowned dishes, and its buffet style selection gives a guest and extraordinary glimpse into Turkish cuisine. A guest can also choose to change their reservation to half board should they wish to adventure out into the surrounding area to dine, with Dalyan encouraging the adventurous spirit of its guests whilst ensuring they will always have a beautiful and caring place to come back to. The fruit, olives, and vegetables that are available are all grown at the nearby Candir Organic Village, and proving its ownership of its Organic Certification, the produce that comes from this place is fresh, delicious, and local. With a ‘Green Star’ accreditation, the Dalyan hotels are happy to say that it is a proven environmentally friendly hotel, allowing the natural light of the area to reduce the use of electricity and inviting guests to watch the dappled light of the sunset across the Acropolis Hills and the nearby ruins of Caunos. The Lycian Rock Tombs and Roman Baths surround this place on all sides, making it a heart of history, and the spa offerings it provides opens up a mythical fairy tale of a holiday for its guests to enjoy, with full spa range and shuttle boat that will take guests down to the beach two days a week. Moreover, the spa treatments it offers take place in a beautifully designed and ornate environment that has been designed for the utmost relaxation for its guests, offering a range of the oldest spa disciplines found in the Far East from Turkish Bath Culture, such as a traditional Turkish massage and aromatherapy in its authentic hammam. Company: Dalyan Resort Contact: Fulya Okutur Website: