Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 12 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 An Irish pub at heart, Fibber Magee’s is Dubai’s oldest and most iconic venue that has been operating for 26 years – which is significant, given that the state is only 50 years old itself. The pub boasts the ‘Best Guinness in the UAE’ (voted ‘4th Best Guinness in the World’ outside of Ireland) and the most hospitable staff in the city, serving Irish staple dishes (Irish stew, pork, roast dinners, Irish breakfasts), and it even stocks Irish classics which are hard to find in Dubai including Barry’s Irish Tea, Taytos, Hunky Dory’s, and more. All of this can be enjoyed while tuning into live sports including Gaelic football, hurling, the Premier League and horse racing, as well as live music including Irish bands, trad sessions, and rock and roll bands. The Fibber Magee’s experience is always memorable by virtue of its authenticity; there is no venue in Dubai that matches its old-world allure. With its aesthetics and service, it is completely unique to the city, being such a contrast to the beaming skyscrapers, five-star hotels, and bright lights. People pine for something different and that is just what this charming Irish pub is. Fibber Magee’s staff remember each customer’s name, they remember their dish, they remember their tipple, they ensure their pint is already at the table before they have even sat down. The team treat customers like family and friends, creating a culture of mutual respect, love, and great craic. Fibber Magee’s is a pub packed with charm, culture, history, and authenticity. With wooden beams, mismatched furniture, and Irish trinkets on the walls and slate floors, customers can step into the venue and feel like they have gone back in time, while escaping the bright lights of Dubai. Aug22115 Fibber Magee’s Best Irish Pub - Dubai When recruiting new team members, Fibber Magee’s doesn’t care about industry experience. It only cares about a willingness to adopt its culture. For those who are on board with that, they have a job. One of its biggest selling points is the exceptional services its staff offer. Ensuring customers leave with a smile is all that is expected. Staff development is also a key focus for Fibber Magee’s, with it having launched a Staff Development Fund whereby staff receive funding for any courses, training or academic pursuits, whether it be to achieve their personal or professional goals. While Fibber Magee’s is highly popular from Dublin to Dubai, that is not to say that it is all sunshine and rainbows. The pandemic remains the biggest challenge for the food and beverage industry, with many venues having been faced with restrictions across the UAE. This meant increased operating costs whilst experiencing restrictions in capacity. The pandemic did force Fibber Magee’s to operate a leaner and more efficient business. But the pandemic also made people realise that life is short; people missed their social lives, going to the pub, going out for food, so they are certainly making the most of their freedom now the pandemic poses fewer restrictions. Further, despite the challenges faced during the pandemic and the limited financial resources, Fibber Magee’s has always tried to have a positive social impact. In December last year, it donated one meal for every meal it sold over Christmas. This resulted in 5,000 meals donated to people in need, who had suffered financially during the pandemic. It also donated 150,000 AED (£30,000) to benevolent organisations and charities in the last fiscal year. Additionally, it launched a Giving Blood initiative where staff get an extra day off work and a free pint of Guinness if they choose to give blood, an essential and limited resource in the global healthcare industry. Ultimately, it is easy to see what makes Fibber Magee’s the best Irish pub in Dubai, between its dedication to its customers and staff, its contribution to the community, and its resilience throughout the pandemic. As it focuses on recovering from the events of the last couple of years, it is also continuing to protect the interests of its staff, as well as to offer a world-class venue, authenticity and value to customers. The brand also hopes to open another venue in the UAE, and one day, to go international. Company: Fibber Magee’s Contact: Ross Matthews-Smith Email: [email protected] Website: