Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 14 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Headquartered in Johannesburg, with branches in Cape Town, Durban, and Seychelles, BroadVision is unique in the way it approaches business in that it strives to create an inclusive, balanced, and collaborative environment enabling the company’s employees to develop and utilise their talents while providing the highest level of expertise and excellence to customers. The fundamental principles of the business comprises of infrastructure deployment, systems integration, and managed services; with its team’s impressive skillset and the aid of its trusted partners and associates, it is able to deliver turnkey solutions in the ICT sector, with its portfolio of successful projects spanning across 47 countries and counting. Although BroadVision has a strong presence in the hospitality sector, its clients are diverse with several originating in the property management, public, finance and telecommunication sectors, and countless more. With its strategic focus being on the hospitality industry, it knows its clients are highly servicedriven, and the company’s own service is equivalent to that of a five-star establishment. BroadVision understands that service is key to a long-lasting partnership and an elevated BroadVision designs, implements and supports ICT systems for clients universally providing the finest experience and uppermost level of professionalism. The manner in which its team approaches business, through the inhouse motto of “Think Global. Act Local.” signifies that the company been able to relish 22 successful years in the industry, with yearon- year growth that it is tremendously proud of – and it has not gone unnoticed, with BroadVision having attained such extraordinary success within the LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022. Aug22343 BroadVision Best Hospitality Technology Consultancy - Africa experience, thus it prides itself in the manner in which its delivers its services, with its team engaging with customers in the similar way that they would expect to be engaged themselves – with five-star service all the way. The ICT services that BroadVision offers to the hospitality industry are turnkey, infrastructure deployment, converged networks, cybersecurity, governance and compliance, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, cloud infrastructure, and even CIO/CTO/ Director of IT as a Service if required. It is able to implement all systems within a given establishment, and through the integration of its IT Helpdesk, which operates all hours of the day, it can make sure it provides the best possible service to customers and partners. Everything BroadVision does is brought into fruition by the company’s highly skilled team who are dynamic, selfmanaged, passionate, service-driven, and eager to grow in their career paths. They thrive within its culture of “BroadVision style”, which can be defined as a lifestyle. This includes transparency being encouraged within the workplace and the company wanting its team to enjoy engaging with colleagues, customers, and partners. Its team members understand that consistent, high level service delivery is what distinguishes it from the rest. Engaging with partners and associates is also key to its service delivery. The more its team engages, the better they understand clients’ business needs, their challenges, and their current situation. Through these aspects, they can generate appropriate decisions and better guide clients on their ICT journey. The company also perceives skills development as essential and nonnegotiable; everyone it employs should look for opportunities to grow organically in their respective career path. This is vitally important because it ensures that they are mindful of the way guests’ expectations have evolved just like technology – which is becoming more costeffective and readily available to the masses. As a result, this has placed demand on the hospitality sector to strengthen in terms of their technology offerings, in a bid to continue providing the finest experience. Not only is this an important focus for hospitality businesses, but also maintaining the security of their customers’ data. Guest data is being stored digitally in platforms across the globe, as a result data privacy and security has become more pertinent than ever. Cybersecurity, governance and compliance, data privacy, and data security are topics that most companies are concerned about and constantly seek to control – and they are topics that BroadVision can assist with to a large extent. Indeed, the BroadVision team remains ahead of the curve when it comes to developments and trends within the industry and knowing precisely what the client needs in order to meet the desires of their own customers. BroadVision also takes its social responsibility seriously, with its encompassing a wide array of aspects. BroadVision actively engages in providing the greenest solution and focuses profoundly on empowering the future generation through appropriate skills development. BroadVision social responsibility programmes are designed to provide longterm benefits to employees, customers, partners, associates and individuals within the communities it operates around the globe. Ultimately, BroadVision has a remarkably bright future ahead of it, as it continues to keep its social responsibility at the forefront while continually being sure to provide the highest quality solutions and service. Feeling incredibly positive about where it is headed, the company has many confirmed upcoming projects and more on the table. Follow BroadVision on social media to keep up-to-date with the team and all the exciting projects they have in the pipeline! Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Company: BroadVision Contact: Douglas Turner Title: General Manager Email: [email protected] Website: Phone: +27113178960