Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 16 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 With lodging, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, transportation, and adventure activities, Cape Fox Corporation is allowing its guests to experience Alaska off the beaten path. Nominally, its work is one of positive, enthusiastic, and well-informed outreach, hoping to spread education and awareness about the native communities of Alaska, their role in the region, and the delightful excursions that will come from opening oneself up to this world. Delivering exploration, history, educations, relaxation, fishing, shopping, and so much more, its hopes to facilitate putting a smile on the face of every guest right from the moment they step foot in the region to the moment they leave. Partnering with local businesses in order to allow it to be a staunch supporter of its area, its personalized concierge service and tour offerings cover a wide range of different activity levels for a variety of people, from family friendly excursions to more challenging hikes and physical activity. It also handles all relevant transportation for clients through its shuttle bus service. Critically, when clients visit its shores in Ketchikan and Saxman, it is always proud to show them the breath-taking views that span out for hundreds of miles in all directions, from the Tongrass Narrows to the expansive treeline of the Tongrass National Forest, welcoming Representing the Tlingit Alaskan Natives from the Village of Saxman, Cape Fox Corporation is a travel, tourism, and adventure business that has been expanding and expressing its culture in order to broaden awareness and respect for native tradition. In essence, CFC is achieving this by way of its commercial tour packages, taking guests around the best food, luxury, and adventures that the region has to offer in a manner that supports the indigenous communities in a sustainable and mutually beneficial manner. Aug22208 Cape Fox Corporation Best Travel & Tourism Organization - Alaska them into its facility proper with décor that displays native artwork. Additionally, with a deep love of entertaining and hospitality, this company and its employees work hard to make everyone feel at home. All of Ketchikan proper echoes this sentiment, and the Tlingit community is one of ushering people in with open arms in order to create personable, historically rich, and entertaining adventures that will keep even the worldliest souls enthralled and wanting to come back for many more visits. This, in short, is what CFC considers a win. Made possible by its enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable team, it is excited to have the tourism season back in full swing since the brunt of the pandemic; having worked hard to make all its services hygienic and safe for its returning guests, it looks forward to seeing what new opportunities its 3rd decade in operation will bring. Since its remodel in 2019, it is additionally looking forward to expanding itself further. Opening a new restaurant in the Eagle’s Nest pizzeria – located at Cape Fox Lodge proper with traditional and gourmet pizzas – it is pleased to announce the tram system that now easily and quickly takes guests to the main area for shopping, with easy access to the surrounding city. As ‘Alaska’s first city’ and the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’, there is surely a lot to explore in Ketchikan, and so CFC is confident that there will always be something new for a client to immerse themselves in! Thus, it looks forward to welcoming new and familiar faces alike back through its doors as it continues to grow, develop, and improve in the coming years. Company: Cape Fox Corporation Contact: Heather Kaiser Website: