Hospitality Awards 2022 Page 17 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Working as a private chef in Ibiza, Mobile Comfort Food is a mobile bar and BBQ caterer serving the entire island of Ibiza with impeccably realized and delicious comfort food, improving the holiday of every guest who it serves. Always ready with a warm smile, delicious food, and a cold drink, its culinary excellence is no secret, and is something it wishes to share with many more people as it moves forward into the bright future that is surely ahead. Mobile Comfort Food Best At-Home Mobile Bar & Catering Business - Ibiza Aug22352 Despite the tumult that the Covid-19 outbreak has had on both the hospitality and tourism industries, Mobile Comfort Food is a company that has pushed through it all despite the odds to stand stronger than ever today. Fundamentally, with its predominantly international client base, it is proud to say that it has been in operation and in great demand since it opened in 2016, allowing holidaymakers to experience the fantastic and numerous positives of having a private chef operating in their villa or holiday home. In this way, it is dedicated to consistently delivering a memorable experience with an identity shaped by its outstanding quality of product, service, and delivery. Indeed, prizing itself on the hugely frontrunning service that it delivers as standard, many of its guests become regulars – and even friends – for whom it knows all their dietary needs, restrictions, and tastes, serving each person as an individual first and customer second. In operating in this way, it makes itself an expert in ‘catching the flow’ of its guests, adapting quickly so that it may provide the most suitable service possible, from times of meals to quantities and styles. Smartly turned out in black shorts and branded white polos, founder Linda Engels and her, usual female, team always make a good first impression. Moreover, each of them works hard to deliver the most impeccable culinary service, and clients have even remarked their surprise when Linda and the team bring in their own BBQ and Paella cooking station, with which they can create the most delicious, timely, and satisfying dishes. Requiring empathy, sensitivity, and intuition to do this effectively, Linda hires people who have a true commitment to client care and a sunny disposition rivalled only by the sun-drenched shores of the island itself. Consequently, Linda responded to this demand with its daily breakfast service at the upscale design ‘The Rock’ villa. Having started this service in 2017, Mobile Comfort Food soon became inundated with requests, and thus Linda herself still serves this breakfast at The Rock, where her team have taken over the other services that respond to client needs all over the island of Ibiza. As to what’s next for Mobile Comfort Food, it is very happy with how this year is gone, looking forward to using this excellence as a springboard to further success, broadcasting the talent and tenacity of its staff and updating the menu in time for a brand new season in 2023. Company: Mobile Comfort Food Contact: Linda Engels Website: Mail: [email protected]