Hospitality Awards 2022 Page 19 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 When it comes to hotel security, few systems provide as much peace of mind than the HALO Smart Sensor. We spoke with the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at IPVideo Corporation, the creator of HALO, to find out more about its plethora of exceptional utilities. Best Global Hotel Privacy Security Product 2022: HALO IOT Smart Sensor Aug22307 Hotel security is an industry that often goes ‘under-the-radar’ when it comes to guest considerations. Of course, that soon changes if the minimum expectations of security and peace of mind are not met, then it becomes – simply - a deal breaker. Of course, for those working in hotel security, a delicate equilibrium must first be reached: security vs privacy. As the manufacturer of the HALO Smart Sensor, IPVideo Corporation has perfected this balance, and, further, has created a ‘one stop shop’ device that serves as a multi-function security, health and vape detection solution. While it serves the hotel and hospitality industries, IPVideo also offers the HALO Smart Sensor to the education, healthcare and commercial markets. Here Rick offers a detailed overview of HALO’s specifications. “HALO is designed for privacy areas as it does not have a camera or record audio conversations. Utilizing14+ sensors, HALO can provide security for guests and staff with keyword alerting, panic button, and gunshot detection features. The system can also send alerts on prohibited in-room vaping, smoking, THC use, audible disturbances, and it can also manage energy efficiency and air quality.”* Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the HALO Smart Sensor is its cost-effective foundation – achieved through combining so many uses into one sensor. For Rick, this was crucial in this mostly post-COVID world. After all, the pandemic hit the hospitality industry hard, harder than most. “As the hotel industry rebounds from the COVID epidemic, many hotel brands or hotel management groups are feeling the tension between delivering superb guest experiences, while also managing their costs. Many look toward modern technology to assist with the strains and needs of the hospitality industry, such as building security, ways to cut costs, and anything that will assist in creating a great guest experience. Rick continues to explain how the HALO Smart Sensor aims to help meet the new expectations guests and clients have regarding health, security and safety. “A way this issue of meeting new health and safety expectations is being tackled is through indoor air quality monitoring. By monitoring the air quality and health of the hotel building, guests and staff can be sure they are breathing the healthiest air possible. Monitoring indoor air quality also helps the building’s HVAC equipment run more efficiently, thus saving the hotel facility money. The HALO Smart Sensor can provide Health Index readings, as well as Indoor Air Quality Index readings for hotels to easily monitor the air quality in their rooms. “In most modern-day hotels, smoking of any kind is prohibited within the building, including in guest rooms. With smart sensor technology like the HALO Smart Sensor, the #1 vape detector around the world, smoking and vaping can be detected almost instantaneously, allowing hotel personnel to take action accordingly before a room suffers damage due to smoking and vaping.” Should a large-scale emergency occur, HALO can also act as a communication system, ensuring all guests are alerted in a swift manner. Rick takes a moment to comment on these features and its Cloud implementation. “HALO can assist with this through features such as a Panic Button, Escape & Alert Lighting, and more. With a big facility such as a hotel or resort, how can everything be monitored at once? HALO Cloud brings all the HALO devices in a facility onto one platform for staff and personnel to easily manage and review. With HALO Cloud, multiple devices can be managed, real-time alerts can be sent to the appropriate staff, as well as being able to generate reports and historical data to better manage the facility. The HALO Cloud platform also provides a Live View Map of all sensors in the building, providing a faster resource allocation.” All in all, there are few solutions more comprehensive and more well regarded than the HALO Smart Sensor. With that in mind, it seemed an obvious choice for the title of Best Global Hotel Privacy Security Product 2022. Company Name: IPVideo Corp Contact Name: Rick Cadiz Email: [email protected] Address: 1490 North Clinton Ave. Bay Shore NY, 11706 Website: Telephone: +1 631-969-2601