Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 20 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 PRIMA’s service of the hotel, gastronomy, and upscale hospitality industry has earned the company a stellar reputation over the years it has been in operation. Every one of PRIMA’s creations, in this way, is innovative and oneof-a-kind, with ideas that have been tailored to fit each establishment, their clientele, and their aesthetic sensibilities in order to create spaces of cohesion, practicality, and beauty. PRIMA recently released ecommerce solution has allowed it to do this with a new kind of excellence that has truly propelled this established hospitality furnishing provider into the future, allowing it access to a wider market and a more international client base. By keeping flexible, the atelier has managed to retain the faith and business of older and more established hospitality providers, as well attract the young and the fresh to commission it. Critically, PRIMA’s research into these market trends has allowed it to keep up to date with what the essence of what ‘being a guest’ means, promising clients that their guests will feel comfortable and catered to in the resulting environment that the atelier’s pieces become an integral part of. Drawing from the experience of being precise and curious, this research ‘implements trends and creates magic’. Fair, sustainable, and natural luxuries are the name of the game for PRIMA, and each of its pieces support this, from its natural cosmetics, unique in-room amenities to its finest hotel As a creative atelier operating with the utmost expertise, knowhow, and diligence, PRIMA has been serving customers with the highest of demands for over three decades. Having found its feet within the niche of luxury, aesthetically stunning, and bespoke creations, the studio has dedicated itself to helping clients realise their interior design dreams by providing them with the homeware pieces that will fill the space, allowing them to expertly cultivate hospitality spaces with character. Aug22155 PRIMA Hotel Furnishings Company of the Year 2022 - Italy linens and bedding or its handmade menu covers and wine lists made by artisans. Striving to save resources and save the planet wherever it can, its services have given hotels across Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany a renewed sense of lustre, something that is always being extended out to other regions and is especially pertinent in its cosmetics lines. The handmade, unique, and impeccably imagined products in its arsenal are made even more so by the passion that has made its show room one of the leading examples of furnishing collections, able to show its clients its eye for detail and allowing its expert staff to take them through the sorts of items it can offer to give them a comprehensive idea. By collaborating with its clients, team, and stakeholders, it takes its excellence to new heights, and one such joint effort to this end has been the NOT JUST A BATH COOL•ECTION by Harry Thaler; created by the use of metal spinning technology that presses the metal into shape, the edgeless, purist design is aesthetically adaptable and easy to clean, with an expressive colour scheme achieved by a special powder coating. As Made in Italy lovers, it is hoping to commit itself to many more such impeccable product collaborations in the future, it is excited to move forward into the latter half of the year, and explore where it can take its industry and its clients next. Company: PRIMA Contact: Luisa Penkalla Website: Email Address: [email protected]