Hospitality Awards 2022 Page 23 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 The effects of single-use plastic on our environment have never been more recognised. Decreasing our impact on the planet is now a priority for a large number of consumers. Making all its packaging from renewable, plantbased materials, Biopak is helping customers reduce their carbon footprint. All the company’s products are carbon neutral and can be industrially composted. Nicola tells us, “Working with Biopak, you can decrease your environmental footprint and win the hearts of conscious consumers. We’re also a carbon-neutral certified business, our entire range supports a circular economy. And we donate 5% of our profits to help communities and the planet. What’s not to love?” Biopak makes its packaging from ethically sourced, rapidly renewable resources such as birchwood, paper, and Polylactic Acid (PLA) – a bioplastic made from fermented plant starch. The company has a B Corp certification and is an Ellen MacArthur Foundation partner. As an add-on service, Biopak customers can join its composting network, Compost Connect. The service not only composts Biopak packaging but food waste too. The service is available as a one-off, for events, and as an ongoing subscription for cafes and restaurants. We ask Nicola to tell us a little about the Biopak team, “We always go above and beyond to provide the best packaging solutions for our customers. If there’s a specific item a customer is looking for, our inhouse packaging designers can create a new custom design. We value honesty. We give our customers realistic lead times and we’ll Worcester-based company, Biopak is leading the way in sustainable food service packaging. Founded in the year 2000, the company is on a mission to help create a world without waste. Biopak provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with compostable packaging, catering boxes, and partyware. We speak to Marketing Manager, Nicola Sandy, to find out more. Aug22091 Biopak UK Ltd Best Food Service & Catering Packaging Design Company – UK suggest the best alternative if we can’t provide a specific product. Our dedicated account managers are always on hand to help and advise whenever you need them.” Biopak provides its clients with all the statistics they need to show off the great work they’re doing. Nicola explains, “We’ll calculate how much plastic you’ve been avoiding, how much carbon you’ve offset and how many bags of compost you’ve created. We’ll also put this information into social assets, so you can post them straight away.” As an online business, Biopak prides itself on its customer-friendly website. There’s also a dedicated customer-service phone line. Prospective clients curious about what the company has to offer can visit Biopak’s UK warehouse and take a look for themselves. With teams based across the globe in Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand, as well as the UK, Biopak has worked hard to achieve its goals in the face of recent challenges. Nicola says, “The past couple of years trading during a pandemic have been tough. Most businesses have experienced staff shortages, longer shipping times and difficulty getting stock. We’ve felt these pains too. But we’ve adapted to ensure we can still provide exceptional service to our customers. It prompted us to think outside the box. We’ve discovered other manufacturers to work with. And we gained new clients when many food service businesses could only serve takeaway.” Looking to the future, Biopak will continue to develop its products, aiming to make them the best they can be – for both people and planet. In 2023, the company will be expanding Compost Connect across the UK so that everyone is able to compost their packaging. Contact: Nicola Sandy Company: Biopak UK Ltd Web Address: