Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 24 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 What wedding would be truly complete without a stunning wedding cake as its centrepiece? Sarah’s Simple Cakes Hertfordshire Ltd has been gracing wedding venues with its stylish creations since 2014. We take a look behind the scenes with Founder, Sarah Bell. Sarah’s Simple Cakes Hertfordshire Ltd Best Wedding Cake Designs Company 2022 – Hertfordshire Aug22090 We’re so familiar with the moment when, as guests, we’re called to the table to witness the happy couple slicing into their magnificent wedding cake. We wait with bated breath, cameras and phones ready to click away, recording the happy event. We look forward to seeing what’s inside and sampling a tasty treat. Wedding cakes weren’t always the sweet treats we know and love today. Back in the 16th and 17th centuries, couples celebrated the wedding feast with a ‘bride’s pie’ that was savoury in nature. Some sources say that the pies contained less enticing surprises such as sparrow brains. There may even have been a central compartment containing live birds or snakes. Thankfully, in the mid-1600s, bride cakes began to appear which featured sweet spices and fruit, rather like a traditional fruit cake. Icing first appeared as a decoration in the late 1700s. But the decorations we know so well today didn’t begin to evolve until much later. Of course, it’s no surprise that royal wedding cakes have led fashions over the years. The wedding cake of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, although made of a single tier, was over a foot tall and weighed in excess of 300lbs. Nicknamed ‘The 10,000-mile cake” our late Queen, Elizabeth II’s wedding cake contained ingredients from all over the Commonwealth. Wedding cakes today are as popular as ever. One company that excels in producing bespoke luxury creations is Sarah’s Simple Cakes. Based in Hoddesdon, Sarah’s Simple Cakes caters for weddings of all sizes. The company produces cakes from simple, single tiers to cupcake towers and cakes featuring 10 tiers or more. Sarah’s Simple Cakes works with clients to take the cake out of their imagination and make it a reality. Fascinated with baking from an early age, Sarah’s passion for making sweet treats started over 30 years ago. She recalls, “As a child, I’d take over the family kitchen after Sunday lunch. I loved those afternoons baking cakes, pastries, biscuits, and desserts under Mum’s watchful eye. I always wanted to learn more.” For Sarah, there’s nothing more pleasurable than creating edible art. As well as wedding cakes, Sarah’s Simple Cakes provides cakes for other occasions including anniversaries, christenings and birthdays. As well as its core business, Sarah’s Simple Cakes also offers edible printing and laser cut products. These are an easy way for bakers to transform their home-made cakes into personalised creations for their loved ones. The company also designs and makes cake toppers and other laser craft goods including its own range of fondant stamps. With her unique eye for design and attentive customer service, it’s no surprise that in 2019, Sarah scooped the Cake Designer of the Year Award. Now, with the esteemed award of Best Wedding Cake Designs Company 2022 – Hertfordshire, Sarah’s Simple Cakes is skyrocketing into the atmosphere. Contact: Sarah Bell Company: Sarah’s Simple Cakes Hertfordshire Ltd Web Address: