Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 28 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Specialist marketing communication agency, PR Central is an expert in the Mexican marketplace for tourism and lifestyle. Founded in 2013, PR Central (PRC) offers bespoke strategies for tourism and lifestyle brands wishing to reach the Mexican market. We take a look at how the company has evolved over time. Travel and Tourism PR Specialists of the Year 2022 – Mexico Aug22169 After working for PR giant Edelman for over 9 years, travel and lifestyle brand expert, Alethia Garcia, decided it was time to go it alone – so she set up her own company, PRC. Shortly afterwards, the company was awarded a major contract by Destination Canada (DC). So when DC’s Managing Director, Jorge Morfin, found himself at a loose end when the company closed its Mexican offices, Alethia invited him to join forces as her business partner at PRC. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength. With combined experience of over 30 years in the industry, the pair’s knowledge of the sector is irresistible. Since joining forces, PRC has collaborated with more than 20 major national and international clients. Taking charge of marketing and communication strategies, PRC handles relations with the media, influencers, trade associations, and the public on behalf of its clients. Consumer initiatives such as social media management, paid advertising, event planning and crisis management are also on the agenda. Alethia tells us, “We’ve been working with tourism stakeholders in Mexico and in other countries for many years. Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the complexities of tourism management. We aim to have smooth relationships and achieve mutually beneficial results.” To achieve this, PRC works with key stakeholders including tour operators, OTAs, travel agencies, airlines, associations, embassies, media, influencers, publishers, and columnists. The company’s clients include names such as Visit Orlando, Spectacular NorthWest Territories, Simon Shopping Destinations, Jackson Hole, Aventuras Mayas, and IBTM Americas. Alethia explains how PRC differentiates itself from the competition, “We never use ‘one size fits all’ strategies. It’s essential that we understand the needs, priorities, and objectives of each of our clients. We propose unique tactics that encourage travellers to make a faster buying decision. Being a cohesive boutique agency means that our entire team contributes solutions and ideas.” Drawing on academic training as well as industry expertise, PRC is quick to respond and adapt to the changing needs of its clients. Alethia tells us, “We work within a formal and well-defined structure. We guarantee commitment, collaboration, accountability and dedication. PRC represents every brand as if it were our own. We ensure we understand the client’s vision, philosophy, and strategy. This enables us to work as if we are part of our clients’ business.” The 15-strong team at PRC wants every client to feel like they are sitting by their side. Team members are assigned to specific client accounts based on experience, expectations, and personality. Alethia says, “In our opinion, the personality of our executives must be compatible with the personality of the client. This allows the relationship to blossom. We make ourselves as available for our clients as possible. Thanks to the evolution of technology, this is easier than ever. Clients can reach us by email or Zoom as well as by phone. Using the Microsoft 365 platform enhances collaboration with both clients and employees.” PRC currently partners with leading PR agencies in countries such as Canada, the USA, Brazil and Argentina. It is no surprise that it has won Travel and Tourism PR Specialists of the Year 2022 – Mexico, as it has worked tirelessly to carve out its path for a prosperous future ahead. Contact: Alethia Garcia & Jorge Morfin Company: PR Central Web Address: