Hospitality Awards 2022 Page 33 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 On the most important day of your life, everything must be perfect. For a location that has an atmosphere and ethos all its own, there’s no better place to turn than the Château la Beaumetane. This stunning location has earned remarkable acclaim in the LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover more. Château la Beaumetane Most Enchanting Wedding Venue - France Sep22080 There’s nothing quite like the rural charm and splendour of the Provençal landscape, especially when coupled with the elegant trappings of a breath-takingly beautiful château. For those who want a wedding with a difference, somewhere stylish and sophisticated in equal measure, there can only be one port of call – and that, of course, is the Château la Beaumetane. More than just a reception venue, the Château la Beaumetane is a home and your event will be hosted by the charming Nathalie Collomb. She throws open the doors with joy and invites you in to talk, to gather and to celebrate. Having been in her life since early childhood, Nathalie knows the warmth and intimacy that this incredible building offers, and how to make the right arrangements to bring that intimacy to your wedding day. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the attention to detail that the team put into every aspect of your event. Over the years, the team at the Château la Beaumetane have worked with leading service providers and have adapted the Château to suit a host of different occasions. Whilst the perfect wedding venue, it’s also the perfect spot for birthdays, baptism, seminars, evening entertainments or study days. The astonishing versatility of the space means that Nathalie and her team are the ideal collaborators. They know just the right people to call no matter what you want to do with your big day! You can’t buy the magic of the perfect location – that comes built-in. When your guests have the first glimpse of the Château la Beaumetane, they will feel that magic. They’ll know it’s there from the first step over the threshold. The property comes with a wealth of history and culture that is truly extraordinary. To suit your needs all the better, the team have developed a new project, renovating the old stables of the property into a minihotel, for the exclusive use of all guests. There has been incredible demand for these facilities on-site, but doing so has to stay true to the unique history of the Château la Beaumetane. With space for 43 guests, the Château continues to be the most enchanting location to stay in France. Company: Château la Beaumetane Name: Nathalie Collomb Email: [email protected] Web Address: