Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 34 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Locals and tourists alike flock to Anstruther Fish Bar to taste the freshest Scottish fish, cooked to order using its secret family recipe. Proud of its international reputation for being one of Scotland’s best-loved food destinations, the fish bar has welcomed prestigious visitors including William and Kate, Robert De Niro, and Tom Hanks. Earlier this year, even Queen Elizabeth II’s former chef, Darren McGrady crowned Anstruther Fish Bar as ‘the best fish and chip shop in Britain’. Walker Murray from Anstruther Fish Bar took a moment to share a comment: “We’re all very emotional about the recent news of the Queen’s death. Not long ago, we were celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with our shop windows decorated to state our respect and love to Her Majesty. “We all were very proud to hear that our fish and chips are Darren McGrady’s favourite.” Whether visitors choose to sit in the bright and clean restaurant or take their delicious food away to savour in the sea air of picturesque Anstruther, they are guaranteed the same friendly and efficient service, and the freshest Scottish fish, bought and prepared on the same day. Indeed, these The story of Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant has its roots firmly in the fishing tradition of the East Neuk. Anstruther Fish Bar is a family - over fifty passionate people coming together to bring consistent quality, and the freshest Scottish local products prepared to perfection to offer its customers exactly what they expect from it. It is not a random chippy - Anstruther Fish Bar is the place where people travel from overseas for an experience, for something special, for the real taste of Scotland. Sep22026 Anstruther Fish Bar Best Casual Seafood Takeaway & Dining Destination - East Central Scotland are no ordinary fish and chips. Bite into that secret-recipe crisp and light batter to discover the freshest, most expertly prepared Scottish fish, sourced and served using the family’s generations of experience in the East Neuk fishing industry. Every day, the fish bar’s ‘Catch of the Day’ board is updated to show the name of the boat that netted the fish, which is hand-prepared by local filleters. And its chips are just the way they should be – crisp and golden, then fluffy and soft on the inside. Walker says, “Customers buying fish and chips today want to know the product they purchase is not just fresh and of high quality but is being Caught responsibly and with consideration for the marine environment. We believe the future success of our industry is linked to our ability to meet the demand of these customers who look for traceability, quality, and sustainability when making purchasing decisions.” As haddock stocks in North Sea are currently at their highest in 35 years, Anstruther Fish Bar remains passionate in the support of its Scottish fishermen in their approach to responsible fishing methods, ensuring a sustainable future for the Scottish fishing industry and our seas. Walker comments, “We are focused on changing the way we catch and eat fish so as to protect not only our haddock stocks but the huge amount of fish in seas all over the world.” This family business is honoured to be one of the elite few to be named ‘UK Fish and Chip Shop of the Year’. Its passion to be the best also extends to its commitment to sustainability, being the first British fish and chip shop to receive accreditation from the Marine Stewardship Council. Anstruther Fish Bar isn’t just famous for its award-winning fresh seafood, either. Brattesani’s ice cream is made in-house every day, using the freshest Scottish milk and cream. The Brattesani name has been bringing ice cream connoisseurs to Anstruther since 1919, when Giovanni Brattesani opened his first gelato shop on Shore Street. It is the century-old Italian recipe that gives the ice cream the distinctive flavour which makes it a favourite among locals and visitors. And, while the traditional vanilla cone remains its bestseller, there’s a huge range of other flavours to choose from. Anstruther Fish Bar produces artisan ice cream in over 70 different flavours, with 18 varieties on sale at any one time – from the familiar strawberry to more exotic treats such as Scottish tablet or even chilli chocolate. Mouth-watering food comes with the friendliest, politest, and most efficient service from the very moment a visitor walks through the fish bar’s doors. Food is cooked and served quickly while not compromising on quality. But, even if customers are queueing, its servers are sure to keep them informed about waiting times. And they are happy to answer any queries – whether about the menu, business, or local area. Now, Anstruther Fish Bar believes it has a long and bright future ahead of it, with Walker saying, “We are going to pass the passion along with the business to our children. They are all still very young but already being involved in lots of tasks around our business and they are super proud of it!” He continues, “We would love to grow our business and adapt with our customers’ needs. We have lots of exciting plans but will have to keep it as a secret for the time being.” Company: Anstruther Fish Bar Contact: Walker Murray Website: