Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 6 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 adopted the phrase “ideas inspiring action, “ which appears across their various media platforms. “It means we try to come up with ideas that inspire the viewer (our client’s client, so to speak) to take some kind of action after watching the video,” Haz, Moving Bits’ Chief Creative Officer, explains. “If your action is, “Wow, I love this place, I think I should check it out; we’ve done our job!” This awareness of the ultimate aim of a project means that the team is always focused on finding the unique narrative that sets apart the top tier of the hospitality industry from the competition. As the years have gone on, Jay and the Moving Bits team have had the privilege of working with many leaders in and outside of the luxury hospitality field, including Genting Skyworlds, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney+ and TikTok to name a few. The team understands that they are not there purely to provide their artistic services but to serve their clients’ sales needs too. “Some of these companies have been around for a long time,” Michell Tan, Moving Bits’ General Manager & Executive Producer, continues, “and when we come in, we have to make sure that we fit within the given company culture, the way things are done, the way things are run, but at the same time you want to be different enough – otherwise what are you there for?” Achieving breath-taking results is not always easy, however. While the sun will always shine in a video advertisement, the Moving Bits team must contend with the natural world’s difficulties, adapting with barely a moment’s notice. “We were on a million-dollar shoot in Orlando for Universal Studios,” Jay begins. “When I did the recce, it was all blue skies and sunshine. On the day of the shoot, hurricane weather hit. So, I had to move indoors with some of the shots I had planned to do outdoors. Fortunately, Universal Orlando has a huge backlot with green screen stages. And that’s what we did, putting in the sunshine and blue skies at the post-production stage. If we didn’t have our award-winning visual effects team, we would never have been able to pull that off. So the real lesson is that you must have solutions for things that don’t go as planned.” Finding solutions on short notice is no easy task, but Jay, Michell, and Haz, together with their various teams, execute their projects with years of experience in hand. Experience has taught them always to get that extra shot and cover that little piece of animation before a client even asks for it. Their work is anticipatory at all times. “Being on a shoot is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Nothing is predictable, so we plan for every possible scenario. And when that unforeseen thing happens, and you can ride through it like a hot knife through butter, you can be sure that the client will remember you for all the right reasons.” This attention to detail has saved many a shoot, earning Moving Bits a stunning reputation within the hospitality industry. “By having the set under control, orderly with people going about their work quietly – that immediately makes a favourable impression on the client. They feel it. It calms everyone. And once the client feels that you are in full control and in charge, they relax. That’s how we make it memorable for them.” It goes without saying that when you turn to Moving Bits, you aren’t just turning to one of the industry’s finest agencies; you’re paying for a team with a wealth of experience without parallel. “We’ve been globetrotting for more than two decades now, working on all the various brands owned and operated by the principals mentioned above,” Michell explains. She feels this detailed knowledge is one of the reasons that so many trust Moving Bits to deliver. “You can’t just hire anyone to do your work, not because other people aren’t as good but because – with luxury unless you’re born into it, it takes a while to learn what is and isn’t. We didn’t start cold in luxury 25 years ago – we worked our way up,” she says before adding mischievously: “Because most of us weren’t born with a golden spoon, the curve is a little bit steep to get to the point of knowing and understanding what luxury is!” This peek behind the scenes of how a luxury atmosphere is developed and maintained by companies such as Moving Bits shows how the world of luxury is constantly shifting and evolving. The last few years have affected the hospitality industry enormously, but the recovery speed has surprised even the most optimistic observers. Moving Bits has taken steps to ensure that they continue offering the luxury service standard their clients expect to see, as well as providing services that are more akin to a marketing agency as opposed to purely one of video production. Their knowledge and market experience make them invaluable partners to their client’s marketing teams. Some would say that luxury speaks for itself, but Moving Bits provides a muchneeded voice that can shout and amplify what you have to offer that is unique and available to your customer. For the client who knows that quality is critical, Moving Bits has always been able to provide a genuinely stunning service. Some of the biggest companies in the world have bet on this team, and Moving Bits’ track record shows how delighted these companies have been with the results. An invaluable part of the hospitality industry, we cannot wait to see what Moving Bits do next! Company: Moving Bits Name: Jay Soo Email: [email protected] Web Address: