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sOak London: Best Artisan Hospitality Decor Manufacturer 2023 - UK Hospitaliy Awards 2023 Best Premium All-Inclusive Resort 2023 – Maldives and Most Friendly & Innovative Resort 2023 - Maldives Cora Cora Maldives is located on a natural island with white sands and azure ocean that houses a five-star luxury resort, located in the pristine Raa Atoll, celebrating the area’s unbeatable cultural and culinary attractions. Since opening its doors on October 1st, 2021, the resort has offered a slice of paradise to even the most receptive and sophisticated global traveller. We take a closer look as the resort wins its title in the Hospitality Awards 2023.

Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: From hotels and resorts to restaurants and bars, from spas and wellness centres to event venues and catering companies, the hospitality industry is constantly innovating and adapting to meet the changing needs and expectations of its customers. The Hospitality Awards 2023, presented by LUXlife, is a prestigious awards program now in its eighth year that recognizes and honours the best of the best in the hospitality industry across the globe. These awards celebrate the achievements and creativity of hospitality businesses and professionals who have demonstrated outstanding performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction in their respective fields. We at LUXlife target hospitality businesses and professionals of all sizes and types, from small boutique hotels to large chains, fine dining restaurants to casual cafes, from luxury spas to wellness retreats and more! The awards aim to showcase the diversity and quality of the hospitality industry and to provide a platform for recognition and exposure for the winners. The hospitality industry is facing new challenges and opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which are changing consumer preferences and producing technological advancements. About the Hospitality Awards 2023

6. Cora Cora Maldives: Best Premium All-Inclusive Resort 2023 – Maldives and Most Friendly & Innovative Resort 2023 - Maldives 8. sOak London: Best Artisan Hospitality Decor Manufacturer 2023 - UK 12. Dumas Rum: Best Rum Producer 2023 - Maryland 14. R Public Relations: Best 5-Star Lifestyle & Hospitality PR Agency 2023 - Eastern USA 16. Fondazione Arena di Verona: Best Exclusive Cultural Experience 2023 - Italy 18. Evok Collection: Best Luxury Hotel Group 2023 – France 20. The Julius Prague: Best Luxury Family-Run Hospitality Brand 2023 - the Czech Republic 22. UBS Arena: Best Sports & Entertainment Venue 2023 - Northeast USA 24. Amazonia By Bar: Best Latin-America Inspired Bar 2023 - Norway 26. Sunny Sailing Greece: Best Sailing Holiday Company 2023 - Greece 27. Point South KOA: Best Deluxe Camping Experience 2023 - South Carolina 28. Signature Systems, Inc.: Best Casino POS System 2023 (USA): Signature Systems 29. The Driskell: Best Luxury Event Venue 2023 - Mobile 30. Namak Indian Dining: Indian Restaurant of the Year 2023 - South West England 31. Pemberton Farm: Best Specialty Food Holiday Gift Company 2023 - New England 32. Hello Weddings & Events Group Ltd: Best Luxury Wedding Planning Company 2023 33. Rosneath Castle Caravan Park: Caravan Park of the Year 2023 – Western Scotland 34. GlobalWorks Events & Destination Management: Best Destination Management & Event Planning Service Provider 2023 - Florida 35. STERLING CAVIAR: Best Caviar eTailer 2023 - California 36. Alexandra Inn: Best Luxury Boutique Hotel 2023 - Michigan Contents 37. ER Productions: Leading Experts in Laser Show Productions 2023 - Europe 38. Chateau Genesis: Best Luxury Home Away From Home 2023 – Anguilla 39. Chris James Cellars: Best Family-Owned Winery 2023 - Oregon 40. Ngorongoro Safari Lodge – known as Gibb’s Farm: Most Idyllic Safari Lodge 2023 - Tanzania 41. Safari Lodges: Wildlife Tourist Attraction Accommodation of the Year 2023 42. H+A Architects: Best Boutique Hospitality Architecture & Interior Design Studio 2023 – Middle East 43. Eternum: Best Cutlery Specialists 2023 – Belgium 44. Princess Yachts Australia: Luxury Yacht Company of the Year 2023 - Australia 45. Gather Foods Pty Ltd: Best Authentic Native Food Supplier 2023 - Australia 46. Oasis Diving Limited: Best Dive & Spa Resort 2023 - Indonesia 47. Bar Centrale: Best Italian Themed Bar 2023 - Munich 48. Book4Time: Leading Providers of Spa Management Software 2023 49. Untold Story Ltd: Most Unique Luxury Experiential Travel Provider 2023 - UK 50. The Accommodation Club: Best Accommodation Management Company 2023 - UK 51. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa: Best Luxury Resort 2023 - Zanzibar 52. Orlando Dinner Entertainment: Best Family Dinner-And-A-Show Experience 2023 - Orlando 53. Châteauform’: Best Historic Corporate Event Venue Collection 2023 - Europe 54. Unearth Experience: Best Luxury Bespoke African Travel Specialists 2023 55. The Chakra Lounge: India-Inspired Casual Dining Venue of the Year 2023 - East Midlands

56. Real Deal Entertainment Pty Ltd / ‘The Real Santa: Christmas Entertainment Provider of the Year 2023 - Australia 57. Hotel Technology International Limited: Best Hospitality Technology Specialists 2023 58. Culture A Day Spa: Couples Day Spa of the Year 2023 - Texas 59. Maharaja Banquet Facility: Best Private Event & Banquet Venue 2023 - Metro Edmonton 60. Melissa Offer Private Staffing Ltd.: Best Luxury Hotel Recruitment Agency 2023 61. Rosette Event Catering Ltd: Best Wedding Catering Services Company 2023 - UK 62. Willowbrook Foods: Best Fresh Food Producer & Processing Company 2023 - UK 63. The Engine Room: Hospitality Consultancy of the year 2023 - UK 64. Old India: Best Indian Dining Experience 2023 - Bristol 65. The Orchid Hotel: Most Charming Boutique Hotel 2023 - South West England & LUXlife Excellence Award for Wedding Hosting Services 2023 - South West England 66. Albatros Expeditions: Best Remote Location Expeditions Provider 2023 - Denmark 67. Vienoulas: B2B Hospitality Equipment Supplier of the Year 2023 - Greece 68. Audere Consulting: Hospitality Marketing Experts of the Year 2023 - Italy 69. The House of Honey: Best Bee Produce Café & Shop 2023 - Australia

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6 | LUXlife Magazine mbodying freedom, inspiration, and discovery all at once, Cora Cora Maldives is an exceptional dream destination, offering guests a unique and immersive Maldivian cultural, experimental, and culinary experience. The resort is comprised of 100 luxury villas, four restaurants, two bars, a water sports & diving centre, gym, outdoor yoga pavilion, outdoor cinema, and more. All of this is just 45-minutes by seaplane from Velana International Airport, or alternatively 30 minutes by domestic flight followed by a 20-minute journey by speedboat, making Cora Cora Maldives the ultimate inspirational and idyllic luxury escape. Crafted with families, friends, and couples in mind, a variety of contemporary designed suites and villas are available, resulting in a unique concept that embraces the cultural heritage of the Maldives while boasting the luxury amenities one would expect from a luxury resort of this calibre. With a variety of premium dining options available, Best Premium All-Inclusive Resort 2023 – Maldives and Most Friendly & Innovative Resort 2023 - Maldives Cora Cora Maldives is located on a natural island with white sands and azure ocean that houses a five-star luxury resort, located in the pristine Raa Atoll, celebrating the area’s unbeatable cultural and culinary attractions. Since opening its doors on October 1st, 2021, the resort has offered a slice of paradise to even the most receptive and sophisticated global traveller. We take a closer look as the resort wins its title in the Hospitality Awards 2023. many of which incorporate Cora Cora Maldives’ ethos and dedication to wellness, the resort provides guests with the ultimate holiday experience without having to compromise on lifestyle, health and fitness. Cora Cora Maldives offers in-house classes on cooking, playing the guitar, and making innovative cocktails. Otherwise, patrons are free to luxuriate in the spa, or take a deep dive into the tropical waters of the Maldives, swimming around the breathtaking natural reef. As well as Cora Cora’s museum and heritage site, where you can take in the culture and new experience, there is the opportunity to take an hourlong cookery session in the art of pizza or sushi-making, or learn all the secrets of Indian cuisine. Saving on travel, Cora Cora Maldives offers an array of dining experiences in and of itself, with four restaurants providing a range of food for whatever the appetite craves. Acquapazza® offers the glamour of an Italian beach club complete with a welcoming Maldivian atmosphere, where guests can start the day with a cappuccino as they relax in a poolside cabana, before soon finding themselves lunching on an Italian salad or a fresh stone-baked pizza, with a pizza-oven shipped all the way from Rome. There is no need to move when it is time for dinner, patrons can grab a seat at a table on the deck and browse an extensive range of mouthwatering main courses, from pastas, risottos, and seafood to meat and vegetable-based dishes. This is all complemented with a selection of freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes, and gelatos, or, for the adults, an ice-cold cocktail, glass of wine, or crisp lager. For guests who favour spices, Tazäa® allows the exploration of flavours from the ancient Spice Route, while also offering timeless comfort-food favourites, across its all-day, indoor-outdoor, sunset-view dining venue. Looking at the tranquil island today, it is impossible to know it once it served as the bustling heart of one of the planet’s most important spice routes almost a millennia ago. Tazäa® rekindles the route in the form of an east-meets-west menu perfect for adventurers. An array of modern classics completes the menu, setting the whole family up for a blissful day of seaside exploration. For those who want to romance the night away in a seductive Japanese restaurant boasting sunset views, Teien® provides the perfect blend of elegance and taste, with evenings hosting mellow music and a team of highly skilled chefs crafting dishes that are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. The venue also offers the opportunity to relax at a table and enjoy skewers of fresh meats and vegetables straight from the grill. Ginger Moon®, the fourth on-site restaurant, offers the experience of a sizzling Asian street market, with the food prepared in sight of customers by an all-female staff. With a convivial atmosphere and the E • Jul23746

Hospitality Awards 2023 | 7 there, including Chinese porcelain, Maldivian tools, and even a vinyl and HMV gramophone from the 1960s. A guided tour explores the foundations of a mosque, Islamic graveyard, and two extremely wellpreserved ritual bathing pools. The Dutch Onion® Art Gallery and museum encourages visitors to learn about the country’s history, archaeology, art, culture, and nature, and Cora Cora Maldives is the first resort in the Maldives to have such a licensed art gallery and museum. Cora Cora Maldives has received the prestigious Green Globe Certification for the second consecutive year, the premier certification for the travel and tourism industry, as a result of the resort’s commitment to promote environmental credentials and champion sustainable practice. With much of the produce consumed being sourced locally, or grown organically, and fresh fish caught every day using the pole and line method, native vegetation is kept as undisturbed as possible, and no captive wildlife, endangered species, or any sort of unethical items are used, sold, or allowed at the resort. With this sustainable journey already in full-swing, the team are committed to guaranteeing guests an ongoing sustainability journey, with responsible waste management, laundry, and kitchen facilities all in-place, guests can have the time of their lives at the luxury resort, knowing they are benefiting the community and beautiful landscapes around them. Contact: Vishen Mootoo Company: Cora Cora Maldives Web Address: unmistakable sounds of sizzling woks and searing grills, this venue is an excellent place to hang out with family and friends. The resort also offers a PADI-certified diving school, where thrillseekers are treated to the incredible array of marine life which surrounds Raa Atoll, as the waters are teeming with dozens of species of fish, octopi, sharks, and dolphins. In addition, sunset cruises are available to those who want a chance to see dolphins dancing around the boat in the cool evening air, all accompanied by a cold glass of fizz and local hors d’oeuvres. Patrons can also book on excursions such as paddle-boarding, jet-ski hire, kayaking, and windsurfing, ensuring fun for all the family. After a long day of adventuring and exploring, guests can relax at the MOKSHA® Spa & Wellbeing Centre, a therapeutic haven which offers different treatments in a room atop the water, where a glass floor reveals diverse and colourful corals beneath your feet. Aching backs and sore muscles can be cured by an array of aromatherapy massages, and you can even get your glow back with skin-based treatments to boost hydration and purify problem areas. While you relax, CoRa kids® will look after children aged 3-12 in its activity-filled club, where put with children of a similar age, they can drop in for a session or hang out all day with friends. The island also boasts an on-site art gallery and cultural heritage museum, which is home to more than 400 artifacts that were unearthed

8 | LUXlife Magazine Best Artisan Hospitality Decor Manufacturer 2023 - UK

Hospitality Awards 2023 | 9 It’s no secret that some of the most beautiful pieces of art are comprised of the natural materials that surround each and every one of us. However, it takes a truly skilled visionary to recognise the potential of otherwise mundane resources, and even more so to adapt them into one-of-akind, functional statement pieces. Thankfully, sOak London has such talent in abundance, and has utilised its immense understanding of woodworking, ceramics, and much more to craft timeless showstoppers for its clients. Whether it’s creating surf board servers for Polynesian customers, or designing moss garden servers for Japanese clients, sOak London sets an unwavering standard of quality, longevity, and beauty within the industry. sOak London is, undoubtedly, a pioneer within its field. Never before has a collective managed to master the art of harvesting naturally fallen timber for commercial use. It stands as a celebration of the natural materials that are all around us, and embeds this value into everything that it does. We have such a beautiful collection of natural resources spanning hundreds upon thousands of miles, and making use of the remains of former forestry is where sOak London truly thrives. It has long since recognised the beauty in the parts of nature that have finally succumbed to their mortality, and gives them a chance to shine again in new and inventive ways. As a result of the immense value that sOak London places on woodworking, it has managed to accumulate a marvellous catalogue of previously commissioned statement pieces. It has operated alongside a hugely diverse range of clients, from night clubs to high-end, luxury hotels, allowing it to express its expertise through a variety of forms. sOak London is a collective that avidly commits itself to its clients from start to finish, and has consistently gone above and beyond to fully understand the atmosphere within which its products will be placed. Only then can it manufacture the perfect, bespoke piece, each wildly different from the last. Every piece that sOak London manufactures within its UK workshop serves a different purpose. Whether this is due to an establishment’s cultural background, or a result of varying aesthetic styles, sOak London seeks to create something that isn’t simply unique, but completely distinct from anything that its clients may have seen before. As such, it comes as no surprise to learn that its work can be found in a handful of the world’s major cities. Diageo, The Connaught Bar, Chotto Matte, Edrington UK, and Zuma are just a few examples of the global gamechangers that sOak London has had the pleasure of working alongside, and each one stands as a testament to the irrefutable excellence that its pieces encapsulate. According to sOak London, one of the most crucial parts of its working methodology is to profile its clients’ style, branding, and history, all so it can develop ideas that are true to the nature of the space. Individuality is Statement pieces create individuality. This is a well known notion that has persisted since the birth of the hospitality industry. How else can one make a name for themselves, if not through the unique pieces of furniture with which they fill their establishment’s interior? Providing just this is sOak London, a décor manufacturer that has spent nearly a decade developing its eye for distinctive designs. Join us as we take a journey through sOak London’s history, and how it has come to earn itself a place as the UK’s greatest artisan décor manufacturer.

10 | LUXlife Magazine a non-negotiable part of sOak London’s processes, and it truly stands by the notion that no feat is impossible, should you possess the imagination to bring it into reality. Whether this manifests through transforming twisted serving trolleys into broken seashells, or utilising the trunk of a tree for a bar’s liquor storage, sOak London marries art and functionality to produce authentic showstoppers. In recent years, visiting an establishment has become more than just going out for something to eat. People have started to truly place value on the experience that partners visiting a memorable establishment. In response to this demand for the otherworldly and spectacular, sOak London has placed its focus on approaching projects from the lens of a customer. What piece would be unique enough to leave a lasting imprint on an individual’s mind? What would get guests talking and spreading the word of an establishment adorned with fairytale-like décor? Whatever the answer may be, sOak London has every means to uncover it and bring it to life. However, this eagerness for a drastically new set of experiences isn’t the only change that the hospitality industry has witnessed throughout recent years. Sustainability has come to the forefront of our minds on a global scale, and ensuring ethical responsibility is simply paramount. sOak London has been devoted to this cause since its establishment almost a decade ago, and yet it is constantly maintaining environmentally friendly practises throughout its work. Having formed relationships with suppliers who import timber from around the globe, sOak London has managed to secure a network of sustainably sourced materials, without exception. sOak London has also proven its dedication to sustainability through the exquisite craftsmanship that it displays when forging each individual, showstopping piece. Everything that it makes is brought together using love, care, and the utmost consideration, each imbued with treatments and preservatives that are designed to maintain the natural wonder captured within. No matter how complex the piece, sOak London is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that every little perfect imperfection is immortalised through sustainable, ethical means. As such, clients receive a beautiful piece of functional artwork to utilise within their establishment, and guests can appreciate the fascinating knots, burrs, and twists that make up the story of the materials’ past life. To truly understand how sOak London came to be known as one of the world’s greatest artisan décor manufacturers, however, we feel it important to delve into the rich history of this ambitious collective. In 2015, Rob Sumner founded ‘My Hartwood’, which, five years later, became the sOak London that we know and appreciate. As a result of Rob’s passion for wood and nature, partnered with his interest in vehicle building, sOak London was able to adopt a perfect fusion between technical, mechanical, and natural elements. Quality craftsmanship has been on the rise within the past decade, and Rob was at the forefront of collaborating alongside vastly experienced craftspeople in order to create whimsical pieces.

Hospitality Awards 2023 | 11 amount of reputable clients is, by far, one of the most difficult pursuits that a manufacturer can undertake. And yet, sOak London’s passion burns brighter than any other décor manufacturer currently operating within the sector. It has devised the perfect answer to all of the qualms facing the hospitality industry, and adapts these solutions into all of its creations. Be it fashioning muti-sensory designs that utilises a wide variety of woods, metals, resins, jewels, and other sustainable materials, or simply concocting something that nobody has ever seen before, sOak London demonstrates a keen awareness of how to capture those ‘wow’ moments within the pieces that it creates. Its works invite excitement – something that the hospitality sphere has been tirelessly chasing for decades. At its heart, sOak London is an artisan décor manufacturer that truly understands what goes into crafting the most unique and exquisite centrepieces for a variety of restaurants, hotels, and bars. Its brilliance is second to none, and it’s this irreplaceable prowess that has earned it such a fantastic worldwide reputation. We’re exceptionally proud to feature sOak London as part of our Hospitality Awards 2023 supplement – with such an uncontested eye for the little things that make an interior truly pop, it’s clear that sOak London is the go-to for any establishment wanting to make a striking visual statement. Contact: Rob Sumner Company: sOak London Web Address: Alas, there is one specific case study that sOak London was eager to share with us, namely The Coburg Ritual Service that truly outlines the magnificence of this incredible manufacturer. sOak London was commissioned by Edrington UK to produce The Connaught’s Coburg Bar ritualistic serving trolley that perfectly captured The Connaught’s impeccable relationship with Edrington UK Whiskey. The brief was elaborate, complicated, and required a real eye for detail. Luckily, sOak London possessed the means to deliver on such monumental expectations. Beginning by approaching the design through the eyes of the customer, sOak London identified the feeling that The Connaught was clearly wishing to present, and proceeded to craft a design centred around the relationship mentioned within the brief. This choice was made in the hopes that customers would be able to immerse themselves in the history of the two luxury brands through aesthetics alone. Once the decision was made on how to best portray this long-standing partnership between The Connaught and Edrington UK, sOak London got to work on the finer details. Namely, it set its sights on integrating the countries of origin, starting with a mapping system that highlighted Scotland, Japan, and North America. From there, it was able to progress onto the actual craftsmanship, with one key intention in mind – to create tomorrow’s antique, today. sOak London went above and beyond to narrow down the appropriate timber for the trolley – a process that required a great deal of skill, experience, and time. In addition, sOak London made sure to broaden its horizons by visiting a multitude of suppliers until it found the exact material it was looking for. Once the materials were procured and the concept completed, it was time to transform fantasy into fact. Utilising gorgeous Walnut as the base material for the trolley, sOak London began work on breathing life into the project. In the process, it even developed a wholly unique layering technique – one that used hand-cut, leaf-shaped, gold-plated wafers to invite a sense of depth and ornate elegance to an already impeccable design. This, partnered with the inclusion of finely cut diamonds to pinpoint the Speyside region on its map of Scotland, acted as the finishing touches to one of sOak London’s greatest accomplishments to date. The finished piece represents everything that sOak London is capable of achieving, no matter how complex a brief may be. By uniting metals, scouring suppliers for the perfect wood, and encrusting the surfaces with jewels selected by the Jewellery Quarter’s most renowned goldsmiths, it forged a project that has created a lasting impression on any that have witnessed it. Now, The Coburg Ritual Service Trolley is a popular talking point for the WHISKY sommelier to explain the vast array of flavour profiles, creating an explorative journey, enabling the guests to engage with the ritual, all whilst paying homage to the history of all three regions included in the design. Following on from this, sOak London were commissioned to produce the now iconic and renowned Embrace Change service trolley for Buffalo Trace at the JW Steakhouse, London. In short, sOak London is an artisan décor manufacturer that has redefined statement pieces within a hospitality setting. It has kept itself invested in the industry since its inception and, as a result, has been able to recognise the challenges facing the clients that it takes on board. There’s such an overwhelming outcry for new, original ideas, but being able to deliver an engaging project to such a vast

12 | LUXlife Magazine umas Rum story begins with Caribbean molasses, an ingredient resonant with history and tradition, imbued with the sun-soaked sweetness of the islands. The distillation process is an art form, where the rich, viscous molasses are transformed into a clear, potent spirit. Dumas' technique is an amalgamation of old and new, merging Spanish-style distillation techniques with contemporary sensibilities, thus creating a rum that is in a class of its own. This premium spirit undergoes both pot and column distillation - a dual process that sets Dumas apart from other rums on the market. The pot distillation adds depth and complexity, extracting robust flavors from the molasses, while column distillation contributes elegance and finesse. The end product is a smooth, clean rum that boasts an intoxicating richness. After the meticulous distillation process, the rum begins its long sojourn in American Oak whiskey barrels. Over 14 years, the spirit slowly matures, cocooned within the wooden sanctum. The aging process, a quiet, patient metamorphosis, imparts an exceptional smoothness and refinement to the rum. The interplay between the rum and the barrel results in a stunning array of flavors and aromas. The American Oak barrels, which once housed whiskey, transfer their unique characteristics to the rum, endowing it with a hint of caramel sweetness, a whisper of smoky vanilla, and an echo of toasted spice. This entire process, from distillation to aging results in a spirit that is both timeless and contemporary. On the nose, Dumas Rum is a sophisticated ensemble of aromas. It evokes the warmth of tropical sunshine, the earthy richness of aged wood, and the sweet allure of caramel. On the palate, it paints a rich tapestry of flavors, unfolding layer by layer. There's the smooth sweetness of molasses, the spicy note from the oak, and a surprising lightness from the column distillation process. But Dumas Rum isn't just about the refined flavor profile; it's also about the experience. The sensation of sipping this carefully crafted rum is akin to stepping back in time and journeying through centuries of rummaking tradition, while simultaneously appreciating the innovation that defines the modern spirit industry. Best Rum Producer 2023 - Maryland In the sprawling sugar cane fields of the Caribbean, a unique symphony of art and science unfolds to produce an exquisite indulgence: Dumas Rum. Taking center stage in the realm of luxury spirits, this artisanal rum, deeply rooted in tradition, captivates discerning palates around the globe. The Dumas Rum narrative is an intoxicating blend of legacy, meticulous craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. It's a tale woven together by a family from Southern Maryland. D The sublime beauty of Dumas Rum is the result of unyielding dedication to quality, a firm grounding in tradition, and an unquenchable thirst for innovation. From the rich Caribbean molasses to the 14 years of patient aging in American Oak whiskey barrels, each element of the process is a testament to the brand's commitment to crafting an exceptional product. In an era where the allure of the new often overshadows the value of tradition, Dumas Rum is a reminder of the unparalleled beauty of time-honored methods. It embodies classic refinement, but its spirit is undeniably forward-thinking. It’s a luxurious testament to the beauty of patience, the virtue of heritage, and the audacity of innovation. Dumas Rum isn't just a drink; it's an invitation to indulge in an experience that bridges the old world and the new, marrying the rustic allure of the Caribbean with the sophisticated charm of modern luxury. It invites you to savor its smooth taste, to lose yourself in its depth, and become a part of its timeless narrative. As you take a sip, you become par story that's as rich and complex as the rum itself. For the discerning palate an exceptional spirit, the answer is Dumas Rum – a truly refined experience tradition and sophisticated taste. Contact: Bryan Proctor Company: Dumas Rum Web Address:

Hospitality Awards 2023 | 13 A Luscious Fusion of Old-World Craftsmanship and New World Innovation to rt of a e seeking e steeped in

Jun22596 14 | LUXlife Magazine Fuelled by the passions of its clients and their teams, R Public Relations offers a wide range of premium services related to campaign creation, public relations, event management, content marketing strategy, social media strategy, and creative services. Working on both large campaigns and smaller individualised projects, the firm services a diverse of array of clients, including restaurants like Boudro’s on the River Walk (in San Antonio, TX), specialty suppliers like Parcelle Wine (in NYC), hotels like Highwood Retreat (in Vermont), and non-profits like United Disabilities Services. To deliver its highly personalized offerings, R Public Relations is equipped with a brand execution team, a digital team, and a content team that all work in close collaboration to provide top-quality services with the utmost relevance, reliability, and respect. Every day, they work as a coordinated unit to bring clients’ visions to life. R Public Relations was established by New York native Emily Reynolds Bergh, Founder and CEO, who is fully committed to helping businesses thrive and brands flourish. A consummate marketing and public relations professional for more than 15 years, she has amassed vast experience in her field and a deep understanding of the best practices that produce remarkable results for her clients across numerous industries, particularly in the hospitality, business, and technology spaces. Today, at the helm of R Public Relations, Emily is driven by the philosophy that words have real power and can generate real change. Her belief in the value of storytelling originated when she co-authored a book in graduate school. Having found her calling, she eagerly jumped into freelance promotional writing, notably a longtime gig for Taste magazine. From there, Emily went on to advance through a series of pivotal PR positions at Jason Dady Restaurant Group in San Antonio, Bread & Butter in Austin, and Bay Bird in San Diego. Along the way, she discovered that she had a real knack for hospitality, which perfectly aligned with her love of travelling and dining out. Eventually, she felt ready to branch out on her own and thus launched R Public Relations in 2015, determined to build a customer-focused lifestyle agency that empowers clients to attain their professional objectives and make a distinctive mark in their spheres of business. Emily’s work is enhanced by her own distinct perspective, informed by her advanced degrees in psychology, philosophy, and social work. She brings this unique view to her team’s campaigns, along with her aim of bettering the world around her with her outreach efforts. Emily Aug23120 Best 5-Star Lifestyle & Hospitality PR Agency 2023 - Eastern USA Built with the utmost heart and innovation, R Public Relations is a unique, boutique public relations firm that represents restaurants, bars, non-profits, hotels, and businesses with brands worthy of worldwide attention, providing them with creative and inspired PR services. Having a client base that spans the country, the firm primarily operates remotely, but has offices in Nashville, New York, and Austin. is proud to share this vision with her carefully curated list of clients, who are all equally dedicated to making a positive impact on their local communities. Over the years, Emily has been profiled in a multitude of publications and on podcasts, including BuzzFeed, Successful Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, and the New York Times; she has been a featured contributor to numerous publishing outlets, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and PR on the Go; and she has won countless awards and accolades, among them being named a Top PR Company in Tennessee by Clutch, the Best PR Firm in Nashville by Expertise. com, a Top 10 Reputation Management Company by Mirror Review and being awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Bark. When she is not immersed in the work she relishes so much, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband, Colter, and their five children. Together, they embark on cultural adventures, travelling far and wide, all while searching for the next great find for R Public Relations. For its outstanding services, R Public Relations has received an abundance of excellent feedback from its clients. For example, Dan Burkhard, Co-Founder of Wicked Tasty, states, “Emily and the entire team at RPR are awesome to work with. They are amazing at what they do, but above all else, they are great people to work with. They truly care about the success of me and my business. Emily is someone every business owner needs in their corner.” Additionally, Tracy Howard, former Editor of Imbibe magazine, comments, “Working with Emily and her team has been the best! They're professional and creative, with a ton of great connections.” Furthermore, Robin Hayley, Owner of Robin Hayley Jewelry, shares, “Working with Emily is an experience that you want more of! She cares about every aspect of what is involved and is a breath of fresh air!” In light of this glowing praise, it is no surprise that R Public Relations has received yet another award to add to its impressive collection, having been named Best 5-Star Lifestyle & Hospitality PR Agency - Eastern USA in the Hospitality Awards 2023. In the coming years, there is no doubt that the firm will continue to support and champion hospitality brands in achieving their ambitious goals. We wish Emily the best of luck in all her endeavours and can’t wait to see what she will go on to accomplish. Contact: Emily Bergh Company: R Public Relations Web Address:

Jun22596 16 | LUXlife Magazine Best Exclusive Cultural Experience 2023 - Italy The Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra, Verona, was originally built in the first century AD. The colossal structure is the third largest Roman amphitheatre still in existence and continues to be used for cultural events that spread musical art and education to the community. The Arena di Verona Opera Festival began in 1913 and has celebrated 100 seasons of beloved operas and timeless masterpieces. For over a hundred years, the Arena has been transformed every summer into the largest open-air opera house in the world. Verona is fondly referred to as ‘little Rome’ for its popularity, the preservation of its artefacts, and its own ‘little Colosseum’. Although half the size of the Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome, the Arena di Verona possesses 13,000 effective seats and an average of 1420 people work the season each year. This includes 144 musicians, 224 choir singers, 72 dancers, 309 between actors and extras, 200 ushers, 80 stage technicians, 69 seamstresses and dressers, and many more. On average, 50 evenings per season will bring in over 400,000 spectators. The Fondazione Arena di Verona was founded in 1998 after the transformation of autonomous Italian opera bodies into foundations governed by private law. The foundation manages the Opera Festival in the summer and the Artistic Season of Teatro Filarmonico in the winter. The Arena di Verona Opera Festival began in 1913 with the first performance of Aida, commissioned by the tenor Giovanni Zenatello and the producer Ottone Rovato, to celebrate centenary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth. The history of the Fondazione Arena di Verona Orchestra began in 1913, and throughout the years, conductors have alternated in terms of training, culture, and style. The podium has seen three conductorcomposers who conducted their own works: Pietro Mascagni, I l Piccolo Marat in 1921; Riccardo Zandonai, Giulietta e Romeo in 1939; and Mikis Theodorakis, Zorba il greco in 1988. The Orchestra now travels worldwide with its varied repertoire of baroque, romantic, and contemporary music. Notable performances include when the orchestra took Tosca to Beijing, Aida at the Tokyo International Forum Hall, Turandot and Rigoletto in Oman at the Royal Opera House di Muscat. © Foto Ennevi/Fondazione Arena di Verona

Hospitality Awards 2023 | 17 Also in 1913, the Fondazione Arena di Verona Chorus its opera performances in the amphitheatre. As of May 2023, the Chorus has been prepared by Roberto Gabbiani. The Arena beautifully captures the large-scale choral works and impressive vocal mass of the chorus, never failing to rouse standing ovations from the captivated public. The Arena has held many memorable concerts: Verdi's Messa da Requiem, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Berlioz's La Damnation de Faust, and Perosi's La Resurrezione di Cristo. The Chorus supports the Fondazione Arena Orchestra in the winter opera and symphonic seasons at the Teatro Filarmonico. The Arena di Verona Opera Festival has this year commemorated its 100th edition of the festival which featured eight beloved operas, four gala evenings and an extraordinary symphony concert featuring the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Riccardo Chailly. From the 16th of June to 9th of September 2023, the grand stage hosted 49 exceptional performances and boosted a plethora of renowned artists. Reflecting on the Festival’s centennial celebration, Cecilia Gasdia, General Manager and Artistic Director of the Fondazione Arena di Verona, said, “We worked tirelessly alongside our team of offices, artistic talents, and technical staff to bring a summer filled with art, music, and beauty. The creative journey was the culmination of five years of hard work and evoked a sense of exhilarating creativity. Music has always been an important part of my life, initially as a pianist and later as an opera singer. It brought me immense joy and emotion to witness Verona, my beloved city, coming to life as a magnet for the finest voices in the world.” To celebrate this year’s Festival, the Fondazione Arena di Verona and Müller presented a brand-new accessibility project, Arena per Tutti. The objective of the project was to bring the joy of the opera to everyone with accessible trailers, digital programmes, multisensory experiences, and an additional 1500 tickets provided for individuals with disabilities. Over ten spectacular opera evenings, tailored support and accommodations were on offer to enhance the Arena with immersive multisensory experiences. Multisensory tours were offered where guests were accompanied onto the stage to admire the stage sets, costumes, and props. Each performance was accompanied by an accessible trailer that offered Italian and English subtitles, voice-over, sign language translations, and audio descriptions. The centennial celebrations commenced with one of the most anticipated events of the season, a new production of Giuseppe Verdi's Aida. The opening night started with the Chorus, dressed in the colours of the Italian flag, sang the national anthem as ‘Frecce Tricolori’ planes flew overhead. Stefano Poda’s Aida featured grandiose, avant-garde staging, completed with an enormous wire hand towering over the stage, representing the power that humanity holds to create and destroy. Anna Netrebko returned in the title role of Aida, bringing her sensitive, soprano tone and a rarely seen physicality to the performance. In some instances, she faced away from the audience and demonstrated the full power of her voice, which projected effortlessly into the space. Aida has been described by attendees as an unforgettable evening, with Anna Netrebko’s passionate performance proving why she remains one of opera’s greatest artists. Audiences also had the opportunity to enjoy six historic productions that have each left an enduring mark on the Arena Festival’s history. These included Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Puccini’s Tosca, Verdi’s Nabucco, Bizet’s Carmen, Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, Verdi’s La Traviata. Alongside a new production of Rigoletto by Antonio Albanese. The La Traviata, with La Scala’s principal dancers, Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko, in the first and last performances, was reviewed as monumentally spectacular and a highlight of the year’s festival. The Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2024 will pay homage to Giacomo Puccini, one of the world’s best-known and most performed opera composers, on the centenary of his death. The Arena di Verona will open the 101st festival with Turandot, a spectacular, whimsical work that will feature Franco Zeffirelli’s beautiful sets and costumes by Oscar winner Emi Wada. There will also be a revival of Puccini’s Tosca, which will star Anna Netrebko, and a new, special project, La Bohème, fourteen years after its last performance in the Arena. With the unique performances of the 2023 Festival alive in the minds of spectators, we are excited to see what the Fondazione Arena di Verona will deliver in the next century of captivating theatre, performance art, and music. For its tireless and ground-breaking creative work during the Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2023, the Fondazione Arena di Verona has been honoured with this year’s award for Best Exclusive Cultural Experience – Italy. Company: Fondazione Arena di Verona Web Address: Circle image credit: © Foto Ennevi/Fondazione Arena di Verona Juan Diego Flórez: © Gregor Hohenberg Sony Music Entertainment

Jun22596 18 | LUXlife Magazine Utilising property owned by Pierre Bastid, Evok Collection was conceived and developed by Romain Yzerman and general manager Emmanuel Sauvage. Since its opening in 2014, the group’s brands are now being deployed internationally and have expanded to six unique addresses all providing a contemporary interpretation of European culture and lifestyle. Nolinski, located in the midst of lively central neighbourhoods and monuments, is a haven of tranquillity with locations in both Paris and Venice. The brand’s style combines French art de vivre (the art of living) with devoted customer service. Offering a soothing spa experience that transports guests away from the commotion of the city, Nolinski aims to provide a singular experience that restores a visitor’s state of wellbeing. Brach, situated in Paris, has a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, connected to its environment and provides a stimulating experience to travellers exploring the city. It aims to deliver an immersive and energetic ambience with its attention to detail and extensive, state-of-the-art facilities including sports clubs, swimming pools, pâtisserie, kitchen garden, terraces, and bars. Brach envelops its guests with spectacular, thoughtful designs for everyone. Sinner draws from the energy of the surrounding historical districts to create an intriguing interpretation of Parisian culture in the heart of Marais. The brand is a recognised trailblazer, expressing a liberated style that breaks the rules of luxury hotels. Sinner is unique in its ability to bring together religious and historical heritage, glamour, and mystery within one extraordinary location. Described as an urban hideaway, Sinner is described as a faraway escape with international cuisine at its reputable restaurant and inviting spa retreat. Evok Collection offers access to several exclusive properties: the BAST, Palais Royal Restaurant, and Cour des Vosges. The BAST, in Courchevel 1850, is a beautiful hamlet of luxury chalets with preferential access to the world’s largest skiable area. Each chalet is a gem of alpine architecture, fully equipped with modern technological devices, and boasts extraordinary panoramic views. Jul23698 Best Luxury Hotel Group 2023 – France With its bold and contemporary approach to hotel design, Evok Collection creates new destinations designed to revolutionise the landscape of luxury hotels. Evok Collection offers several distinct styles of luxury that share an inviting, authentic atmosphere to provide guests with the welcome of their dreams and become the beating hearts of its communities.

Hospitality Awards 2023 | 19 Palais Royal Restaurant, nestled in a corner of the Palais Royal gardens, is a gourmet restaurant overseen by Philip Chronopoulos, a 2 Michelin-starred chef, and offers modern cuisine that combine French excellence with the Mediterranean identity of its Greek chef. The group also entices guests with the Cour des Vosges, an upscale accommodation overlooking Paris’ oldest square, Place des Vosges. The hotel evokes the architecture of seventeenth century buildings, immerses guests in charming, Parisan history and has a choice of superior suites and rooms. Cultivating French art de vivre, the décor embodies elegant Parisian mansions of a lost era. Each of Evok’s establishments aims to offer a bespoke service to each of its customers. Every location has its own unique personality, ambition, and identity, but all convey the same promise of excellence in terms of hospitality and service. The group prides itself on listening to customers in order to fulfil their expectations. A primary objective for staff is that customers always feel considered and are able to remain completely at ease for the duration of their stay. Expanding its influence even further, the group now has a tailor-made Audit and Consulting support service. With its years of business and customer experience, Evok Collection brings its perceptive sense of detail to every project. Working to invigorate hotels, spas, and sports clubs, the team provides project management assistance and financial guidance from the initial business plan all the way through to implementation. Evok also delivers its expertise to the owners of white label properties or Evok licensed brands. The team commences management of all day-to-day activities including commercial positioning, marketing and communication strategies, and financial monitoring. Evok’s success is nurtured by its closeknit team of professionals in operations management, human resources, communications/ marketing, sales, and finance. The aim for each project is to find a stunning location and give free rein to the imagination of Evok’s talented designers. The group aims to promote growth within the team by imparting expertise, sharing successes, and exchanging skills and ideas that extend well beyond the company itself. Employees are chosen for their smile, kindness, and their industry knowledge. Living in a state of constant evolution, Evok Collection is committed to improving its services, customer interactions, and its sustainable development policy. The company wants to invent new, sustainable ways of travelling that protect the wellbeing and safety of all. Evok wants to contribute to a more responsible hotel sector and take an active role in shaping a better future. Evok Collection is now in full international development. In June, the group’s first international hotel, Nolinski Venezia, opened. Brach Madrid and Brach Rome will soon join the collection in 2024 and 2026 respectively. Responsiveness, flexibility, and unparalleled creativity has allowed Evok Collection to reinvent the luxury hotel. Bringing flair and expertise to the hotel, restaurant, and wellness industries, the group continues to deliver its bespoke service thanks to its strong management and the support of its dedicated team. The company is committed to revolutionising the luxury hotel industry. With its forward-thinking approach to continuous development, Evok Collection will be delivering transformative experiences to guests for years to come. Contact Details Company: Evok Collection Web Address:

20 | LUXlife Magazine Best Luxury Family-Run Hospitality Brand 2023 - the Czech Republic In the heart of Prague, The Julius is an exciting, new hospitality brand with an established history as a multi-faceted, family-run company. Today, its 160-year legacy lives on through The Julius Prague, the first of many properties set to open across Europe. The residence offers a series of beautiful, dynamic rooms and suites where guests can stay, engage with the local community, and explore the city’s most historical landmarks. ore than just a hotel, The Julius Prague creates authentic, intimate spaces where guests can live with the flexibility to explore and freedom to be themselves. Conveniently located in Prague’s city centre, the Julius Prague is only a 10-minute walk from the Praha hlavní nádraží main train station and a 30-minute drive from the airport. The residence is close to the historic city centre and business district, making the location an ideal choice for tourists, professionals, and locals alike. From its position in Prague’s Downtown, The Julius Prague residences are within walking distance of the city’s most important landmarks, including Wenceslas Square, the Prague National Museum, the mediaeval Astronomical Clock, and the 600-year-old pedestrian Charles Bridge. For entertainment and sports fanatics, The Julius Prague is perfectly located with access to the O2 Arena, National Theatre, State Opera, Generali Arena, and Eden Arena. The residence is the ideal base for exploring the historic city. Consisting of 168 residences, living spaces come in a variety of sizes and arrangements to suit any kind of stay. All are fitted with comfortable king-size beds, modern bathrooms, and state-of-the-art technology. Most rooms include fully equipped, modern appliances to ensure guests feel entirely at home. All spaces are elegantly outfitted by Milan-based studio Matteo Thun & Partners with autumnal colours, designer furniture, hardwood oak flooring, and brass details throughout. Accommodation is tailored for long stays, but the residence also offers rooms and suites for weekend excursions. The one-bedroom suites have been designed for complete privacy and feature a distinct bedroom with an oak-wood divider to separate the comfortable living space from the fully equipped kitchen. Linens, porcelain, and appliances have been carefully selected from a range of high-quality producers. Guests can create homemade meals in beautiful surroundings, giving them the freedom to explore and live like a local. The bathroom features stunning interiors complete with a walk-in rainforest shower and includes sustainable, vegan amenities, organic towels, bathrobes, and slippers. These signature spaces are thoughtfully designed to be a home away from home. Deluxe one-bedroom suites are the residence’s largest offering, with spacious living and sleeping spaces perfect for longer stays. Luxurious down feather pillows and duvets will ensure guests achieve the perfect night’s sleep, while the additions of a smart TV and high-speed internet are there to provide hours of entertainment during those waking hours. With its pristine bathtub, fold-out sofa, and large wardrobe, the suite comes with copious amounts of space to unwind and relax. M